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Mar 30, 2007 06:30 AM

CSA's are the quintessential chow topic

I believe that this board ought to promote csa talk more. They are the quintessence of food. Fresh, organic, skip the middle man, support local farmers, give us a chance to be a part of the whole process, bring chowhounds together etc.
I had posted (on Boston) looking for others to go in with me on Plato's Harvest csa. My posting was removed.
Instead I see postings for "the coke with a yellow cap" or Noni juice" or Jenny Craige, Nutrisystems taste?".

CSA's are local and need to be on local boards. Please include them in your/our mission. Lets see? should we discuss a product with high fructose corn syrup, for profit weight loss gimmics or CSA's?


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  1. This will get removed shortly too, I'm sure, BUT - there is plenty of discussion of CSAs on all of the local boards. Search the Boston board - there have been a number of threads. However, Chowhound is not the place to post looking for others to go in with you on a share.

    Regarding your examples of less worthy posts - yellow cap Coke is a product WITHOUT high fructose corn syrup - that's why folks are looking for it. And neither Noni juice nor Jenny Craig vs. Nutrusystem were discussed on local boards.

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      Allstonian is wise in the ways of the boards. If you want to discuss the quality / differences amongst CSAs local to you, that would be fine. Matching Chowhounds with other Chowhounds, whether for dates or CSA share sharing, however, is outside of our focus.

      As with planning chowdowns and other meetups, we'll allow a limited amount of posting about them, but please include an email address and request that hounds who are interested contact you off the boards.

      Your post is here:

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        CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Small local farms, often but not always organic, sell shares of their season's produce. Some also offer eggs and/or separate meat CSA shares. Shareholders get an allotment of produce, usually weekly, for a certain period of time. (The California ones seem to run year-round; I live in Boston and mine promises 17 weeks, usually running from mid-June to late October.) You might have to go to the farm, or their farmstand, to pick up your share, or they might come into your city for you to come to a certain pickup point. That's the VERY short rundown.

        I've been a CSA member for about six years now, and absolutely love it - we have built a relationship with our farmers, and look forward to following the summer growing season with the assortment of veggies and fruit that we get.