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Mar 30, 2007 06:22 AM

Where and what to eat in Sacramento?

I'm headed to Sacramento for a week of work. Does anyone have suggestions for eating places? I'm looking for all types, except stuffy high-end. I'm staying downtown near the State Capitol.

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  1. There are a number of places to eat near the capitol, depending on your dining preference. Here are a couple of musts based on my experiences:

    Spataro's (Italian + awesome Happy Hour) - 14th & L
    Gaylord Indian - 14th & O
    Chop's (Steak) - 11th & L
    Fox & Goose Public House (English + excellent breakfast) - 10th & R
    Nationwide Meats (Excellent Burgers) - 20th & H
    Tres Hermanas (Mexican) - 24th & K
    Lucca (Mediterranian) - 16th & J
    Waterboy (High-end, not stuffy - probably best in Sacto) - 20th & Capitol
    Amarin Thai - 12th & I

    1. To add to the list:
      Mulvaney's Building and Loan
      Jim Denny's
      Queen Sheba
      Zelda's Pizza (Cornmeal Crust Pizza)