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Mar 30, 2007 06:16 AM


How is the food? Any must try dishes? Thanks.

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  1. food is decent... i would stick with the small plates though... they were much more creative and yummy than their few entrees...

    1. Had the prixe fix menu last weekend. Nothing really stands out. If your into the whole going out to be seen than this is the place...not for me so I prob wont be back.

      1. Have posted my rant about this place before. Horrendous service, average food. Cool space to see and be seen but I'd stick to the bar area and eat somewhere else.

        1. I loved the seabass on oxtail.

          1. I ate there last week while on town on business. I sat at the bar, had a glsas of wine, an appetizer, and an entree. The atmosphere was great but the service was horrible and uninformed. I ordered the lamb entree and the bartender asked if I was sure I wanted that b/c it would take 20 minutes for the kitchen to prepare. Anyway, it turned out delicious but the service put a damper on it. The edamame I had as an appy was undercooked. I will not be returning any time soon.