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Mar 30, 2007 05:52 AM

Any Asian Grocers in Vermont?

Hey hounds,
I'd like to try my hand at some of the asian foods that I love, but I don't know of any asian grocers in the area (I live in Waterbury but anything between Montpelier and Burlington is within my stomping ground).

Is there anything out there? I will look in the co-ops, but when I lived in Baltimore we had this little grocer with all these great tofu products and amazingly fresh bean sprouts and aisles of spices that I didn't know how to use. I used to just take my recipe there and have them help me pick out what I needed.

Right now I am looking at a Ma Pa Tofu recipe. For this I need:
black bean (the fermented kind)
chili bean paste
mijiu (chinese rice wine)

this is all ho-hum stuff, I know...but I'd love to find a place to stock up and get inspired for future asian cooking attempts.

any hidden gems out there?


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  1. Hi!

    I can give you two names: The Middlebury coop (although I know that's a bit of a drive) and an Asian market on North Street in Burlington (don't know the name, sorry, know that's not a lot of help, but see below).

    The Middlebury coop has a strict buying policy so I know the items they have on the shelf are "safe and healthy," so to speak, to eat. But, frankly the stuff they sell there, you could get at a Shaws or Hannafords in their ethnic aisle. (Try the Burlington ones, does the one in Waterbury has an ethnic section?)

    The Asian Market, sorry, don't know its name, but North Street isn't that long, so if you drove down, you'd find it. Heading toward the lake, it's on the right, toward the end part of the street, as opposed to the top closer to the college. The market is wonderful, very authentic. Went there just once, but so much to see and smell. Been wanted to get back, just haven't.

    Good luck and have fun! :-)

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      There are several on North St in Burlington- Thai Phat being my favorite.

      1. re: OCatswell

        Thank you both!
        The new Shaws in Wtby does have a large ethnic section, but I was really hoping to find an authentic asian grocery. I'm thrilled to learn that Burlington has at least one...I'll check out North Street.