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Mar 30, 2007 05:43 AM

Great dinner in Media?

What are your favorite dining options in Media?

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  1. If you want Thai food, Nadia is very good (formerly Noodie the Noodle bar which was outstanding). Fellini has great italian.

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      Nadia is definitely the only place I miss now that I don't live in Media anymore. Fellini is OK, they definitely emphasize quantity over quality though.

    2. We did have some good food a month or two ago at Brodeur's. Has anyone else had experience there?

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        I don't plan on going back to Brodeur's....the service is slow at lunch and the food is mediocre. Nothing special about this place. I especially recommend avoiding it on New Year's will pay a lot of money for disappointing ambiance, food, and service. I do however recommend experiencing Media itself on New Year's's really cool to see everyone out in the street counting down to the new year.

      2. the new indian place is fantastic. Best indian food ever.

        1. My favorite Media restaurants include Nadia Thai Cuisine, Sheree E Punjab (great new indian restaurant), as well as Sligo (Irish Pub). Those being the best, I would probably rate Brodeurs as the worst for service and food and the others restaurants (fellinis, quotations, iron hill, stephen's, etc) somewhere in between.
          The owners of Teikoku are opening a restaurant at Orange and State and I am looking forward to that. Has anyone heard any details of when?

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            I agree with artsandcrafts, but we also enjoy LaNa. Quotations is worth a visit for their excellent beer selection and I also have had great service and good meals there. The Bar is smoky, though....

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              I work in Media. We have a standing joke about where to eat lunch every day. Having said that, Nadia is by far the best restaurant in Media. Brodeurs is average at best. I only go to Margaret Kuo's when I am craving an egg roll. I don't eat Indian (perhaps the only cuisine I can't tolerate) so I will defer to the rest of you. As for Teikoku, I know someone who works there. When I learn something more, I will post.

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                i just went to the blues stroll yesterday (blues offered outdoors, but no martinis??? wtf?!) and we decided to wait on dinner and eat there. i wish i'd known there was an indian place!!! we ended up going to quotations. we were massively turned off by the billy graham quotation hanging right over my head... but service, food and beers were good. the food is super-rich bar food. we had potato skins topped with crab meat, a crab cake sandwich, tomato/moz salad and old bay fries with cheese wiz. no complaints about food, except for a slightly tough bun on the crabcake. you get what you read in the description. after menu shopping, and stealing the occasional glimpse at diners' plates at other restaurants as we walked past, i'm sure we made one of the better picks for dinner.

                why do people keep raving about fellini's? i've been to this place 4 times. i think it's the worst excuse for italian-american i've ever tasted!! pasta not fresh + overcooked + recipes that could be easily (and better) made at home. am i missing something here?

            2. Try Iron Hill Brewery on State St near Trader Joes. Some of the entrees are pricey (place is casual) but I haven't gotten a bad meal there yet. Beer is good too. Go early or be prepared to wait or eat at the bar. If you want a good burger (very casual) try Wimpy's on Providence Rd (Rte 252) between the Rte 1 by-pass and Five Points.