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Best sushi outside of center city?

Looking for great sushi- with different selection that the typical rolls and sushi you see everywhere. Preferably Delco, Main Line, etc...

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  1. Bluefin in Plymouth Meeting is great - small strip mall location but great fresh fish and a variety of different rolls. I also heard good things about Sushikazu in Blue Bell, but have never been there myself. Those are both in Montco, so they may not be exactly what you are looking for because of the distance.

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      Sushikazu has gone downhill over the years, especially since Bruce left. The food there is now mediocre and the service isn't much better.

      I've been disappointed with Bluefin as of late, both the food and the service.

      It's not in Delco or Main Line, but Bonjung in Collegeville is where I have been spending my sushi dollars as of late.

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        had some very fine sushi at blue fin recently

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          Just a mention that I ventured to Sushikazu in late May and they are no longer open all day, so make sure to call and see if they are open.
          Fuji in Montgomeryville, same thing, I think it's 12-2 or so for lunch. It's good if you have a non-sushi lover with you, as they can get tempura, etc.
          Thanks for info on Blue Fin. I have to try and HOPE that it hasn't gone downhill before I even got there!

      2. Margaret Kuo's in Media has pretty good sushi with some interesting rolls. There's one in the Granite Run mall and one on State St. I prefer the mall one, myself.

        I also really like a place in Upper Darby called Shogun 3. It's a hibachi restaurant on Rte. 3 in the Manoa shopping plaza. Nothing fancy, but really good quality sushi and rolls, at a reasonable price. It's become the #1 choice for me and my girlfriends. They also let you BYO!

        1. Teikoku, on Rt. 3 east of West Chester, is the best sushi I've had outside the center, hands down.

          I've had sushi at Margaret Kuo's in Media, it was smelly, stinky fish that should not have been used in sushi, so I haven't been back. The mall location is usually better, so I'd assume their sushi is better too, though I've never had it.

          1. There are two Japanese Restaurants in Germantown - IMO both worth a try. Osaka is at the top of the hill and Huuka Huuka (not sure about the spelling nor the address) is at the bottom between Mcdonald's and Cin Cin.

            Osaka Japanese Restaurant
            8605 Germantown Avenue
            Philadelphia, PA 19118
            Phone: 215.242.5900

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              If you are trying to decide between Osaka and Hokka Hokka, I'd go with Osaka. Hokka Hokka is new to the area, but the rice in my maki rolls was lukewarm. Osaka's sushi is of a much better quality overall, and the atmosphere is much nicer, and the service is wonderful. The two restaurants are of about the same price for dinner. Try the pickled plum rolls at Osaka; a bit odd to some, but delicious.
              Osaka also has a second location in Wayne.

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                Hokka Hokka was mediocre and the service was rotten. I like Osaka as they have fresh wasabi. In my book, fresh wasabi is a make or break.

              2. I'll second the Teikoku pick. Really nice space, good service and sushi. A bit of a haul down Rte 3 but worth it.

                1. I have to agree with Mitch. Bluefin has been slacking lately. Their portions seem to be getting smaller but the prices aren't really decreasing with the amount you get. It's still good and a pleasant experience, but I prefer to go elsewhere.

                  Same thing with Bonjung in Collegeville. I live fairly close and every time I've gone in, I always have a poor experience. The service is slow, it's pretty pricey and the quality isn't even all that great. I even had to pay $4 extra one time because I ordered a box and wanted a vegetable roll instead of a California roll.

                  I have to recommend Fuji in Montgomeryville. You get huge rolls at a cheaper price than most places I have found outside Philly. They also have Hibachi, but their strength is definitely in their sushi. It might be a bit of a haul for you, lillotis, but if you decide to give it a try, it's best to go around 4:30 before the big rush... it can get a little slow with a lot of people.

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                    Sorry to hear about your experiences at Bonjung. I only have done takeout there, so I can't speak of the service. But I have been happy with both the quality and prices.

                    Honestly, ever since Bruce left Sushikazu, I have not found anything even comparable with the exception of Morimoto.

                  2. Not really in the Main Line but if you ever venture to South Jersey - definitely try Sagami. It's amazing!!!

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                    1. Try Sampan in Havertown. I like Stonewell on Ridge Pike in Conshohocken near Chemical Road.

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                        Definitely second Sagami in Collingswood NJ- worth the trip into South Jersey- 5 minutes over the Ben Franklin bridge.

                        They have this dish- avocado, rice and raw tuna (not sure what type)- it is amazing.

                      2. http://www.minado.com/

                        Minado, outside Norristown, is a real nice place for hungry people. A VERY nice selection of Sushi/Maki/Sashimi and other Asian treats for about $17.00 at lunch (a little more with beer.


                        Nearly all the customers are Japanese (and Norristown does not have a huge Japanese population.)

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                          Minado... eh.

                          I've been there several times and I've never really been impressed. It's a novelty, that's all. They have some interesting dishes, but if you're looking for really great sushi, go elsewhere... like Blue Fin, just a hop skip and a jump down the road. Minado is neat because it's a buffet and offers sushi, lots of deserts, different Japanese platters, a few chinese dishes, you can even get a freakin crepe if you want, but it's definitely not one of those places I crave. Besides, when it's busy, it takes them forever to refill the sushi platters after they've been picked over- not good if all you want is sushi (In which case, just go to Blue Fin- for the price of the entire buffet at Minado, you can get better quality sushi at Blue Fin). As Philly said, it's $17 for lunch (full buffet is not available) and it's $25 for dinner- overpriced in my opinion.

                          If you want to try something a little different, check it out, but if you're looking for atmosphere and quality, I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to go there- it's not that spectacular.

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                            Minado is great if you are looking for basic rolls and sashim AND are looking to eat a lot of it. With all due respect I'd hardly call $25 for all you can eat overpriced. Go to Blue Fin and see how much dinner you get for $25.

                            Blue Fin has really gone downhill IMO. When I first started to go there I thought it was great, but the food and service steadily declined with each visit.

                            I have heard great things about Sagami, but it's a long drive for me living in Collegeville area.

                            I gave Bon Jung in Collegeville a shot and was happy that I did.

                        2. We have yet to try bluefin, but I hear it is excellent. We have had very good Sushi at Cho Cho San in North Wales (definitely off the beaten path). I know they have an all-you-can-eat option on sunday for $19.95, but I don't know what it includes.

                          1. I rather like Hana, located across from the Strafford "Farmers' Market" in Strafford/Wayne. Don't go looking for flashy rolls or inventive food. This is a very quiet, traditional Japanese spot, with a focus on fresh, well cut sushi and one of the best -- again, traditional -- hot dish menus in the area. It's also BYOB.

                            1. Makiman Sushi (at 5 points Rising Sun/Oxford/Cottman) really, really fresh, really, really good

                              1. If you *do* decide to venture over the bridge to Sagami, you will NOT be disappointed. Well worth the trip.

                                1. I second (or third) the recommendations of Bonjung. Can Speak for their other food, but the sushi is remarkably good. Just as good as most places in Philly.

                                  1. Fuji in Haddonfield. This place has a huge following of people from all over the Delaware Valley and beyond. New location*http://www.fujirestaurant.com/menus.htm