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Mar 30, 2007 05:28 AM

Best Thai On Smith St?


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  1. I recently had a good experience at Ghang Thai, which replaced Tuk Tuk. Though admittedly, I only had a small number of dishes that I sampled.

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    1. re: jdf

      I haven't tried the new spot in what used to be tuk tuk, but 'em thai is pretty good -- with very fast delivery -- even if not authentic.

      1. re: jdf

        Ghant Thai is our go-to Thai place when it comes to delivery (used to be tuk tuk). I don't think it's as good as tuk tuk was, but its pretty reliably tasty.

        I had one bad experience with Em and never had the inclination to give it another try. Maybe I should at some point, others here seem to like it.

        Joya is 'meh'.

        1. re: Nehna

          Since this post, I've finally gone in to 'Em. Twice in fact.

          I have to say, both meals were very enjoyable. In particular, we really liked the duck wrapped in roti as an appetizer. Actually any duck dish we've had there was very tasty (I think the other duck dish we had was the Duck Tamarind).

          Also enjoyed the Shrimp with Avocado dish and both the green and the red curry.

          So I take back my old prejudice against the place, its definitely improved since it opened.

      2. Joya on Court street is the best Thai for miles. Why do you think all those places on Smith keep opening and closing so often?

        That said, my backup is Em (I've had delivery only so far).

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          I second Joya. Why bother with the places that live in its shadow?
          I posted about a month ago looking for a real "authentic" Thai resto–one that DOESN'T give you chopsticks–and a lot of people mentioned Joya.

          Before I actually went to Thailand last October, Joya used to be my favorite Thai place in NYC. After having real Thai food in its native context I've had to demote Joya to just a "great" resto.

          I finally went to Sripraphai in Queens and it's far and above a much more authentic place in terms of flavors.

        2. Well, Joya isn't on Smith, so doesn't really answer the question. But I think Ghang is good and IMHO better than Joya. When I eat at Joya I feel like I'm on a conveyor belt, everything is in and out so quickly (cheap prices=turn tables fast). I used to like Thai Sesame, but the food was never consistent. Never been to Em

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          1. re: bklyngrl

            On Smith St., Em is definitely the best, although I think they've gone a little downhill in the past couple months. I don't think there's one standout in the neighborhood... every restaurant seems to do certain dishes better than others. Em has the best Tom Kha, Joya has the best spicy (drunk) noodles, etc.

            1. re: bklyngrl

              Sripraphai is awsome (but far far from Court st of course). I have to get back there soon.

              I agree with the Joya speed complaints. I don't go there during prime time anymore for that reason. It used to be our go-to place to bring out of town friends, but it's just too hectic and loud. I still order delivery from there. I will have to try Ghang on your rec.

            2. I don't go to Joya anymore because it's too loud and crowded, but it's my go-to Thai takeout.

              (And yes, not on Smith Street, but it's close enough.)

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              1. re: cazique

                Only 3+ years later, but I feel compelled to reconsider and finally put in another vote for Ghang Thai.

                Joya is fine, but a "meh" sort of fine. I commented to my friends that it seemed like I might imagine the best Thai restaurant in Greenwich CT or Memphis - I like it just fine, I'll eat it again, and am happy to do so (their fried rice in particular, I really like) but it doesn't strike me as a revelation even in the frame of reference of Cobble Hill).

                However, Ghang was clearly a step above - I can't comment on what authentic is because I haven't had authentic Thai, but Ghang "felt more authentic" and lighter, with more spice (even at the Medium level, which was plenty for a group that likes spicy food) and more refined flavors. Again, all within the frame of reference of the Bococa metro area - this isn't a substitute for what I imagine is out there in Queens, I'm talking about getting Thai food delivered to my Cobble Hill home. Recommend.

                215 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                229 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

              2. i firmly agree that Ghang Thai is better than Joya, (and certainly for atmosphere). i think some things may be better than others, however...

                slightly off-topic, but by far the best SEAsian in the neighborhood is *Mai*, on Atlantic Avenue. outstanding.