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Best Thai On Smith St?


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  1. I recently had a good experience at Ghang Thai, which replaced Tuk Tuk. Though admittedly, I only had a small number of dishes that I sampled.

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      I haven't tried the new spot in what used to be tuk tuk, but 'em thai is pretty good -- with very fast delivery -- even if not authentic.

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        Ghant Thai is our go-to Thai place when it comes to delivery (used to be tuk tuk). I don't think it's as good as tuk tuk was, but its pretty reliably tasty.

        I had one bad experience with Em and never had the inclination to give it another try. Maybe I should at some point, others here seem to like it.

        Joya is 'meh'.

        1. re: Nehna

          Since this post, I've finally gone in to 'Em. Twice in fact.

          I have to say, both meals were very enjoyable. In particular, we really liked the duck wrapped in roti as an appetizer. Actually any duck dish we've had there was very tasty (I think the other duck dish we had was the Duck Tamarind).

          Also enjoyed the Shrimp with Avocado dish and both the green and the red curry.

          So I take back my old prejudice against the place, its definitely improved since it opened.

      2. Joya on Court street is the best Thai for miles. Why do you think all those places on Smith keep opening and closing so often?

        That said, my backup is Em (I've had delivery only so far).

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          I second Joya. Why bother with the places that live in its shadow?
          I posted about a month ago looking for a real "authentic" Thai resto–one that DOESN'T give you chopsticks–and a lot of people mentioned Joya.

          Before I actually went to Thailand last October, Joya used to be my favorite Thai place in NYC. After having real Thai food in its native context I've had to demote Joya to just a "great" resto.

          I finally went to Sripraphai in Queens and it's far and above a much more authentic place in terms of flavors.

        2. Well, Joya isn't on Smith, so doesn't really answer the question. But I think Ghang is good and IMHO better than Joya. When I eat at Joya I feel like I'm on a conveyor belt, everything is in and out so quickly (cheap prices=turn tables fast). I used to like Thai Sesame, but the food was never consistent. Never been to Em

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            On Smith St., Em is definitely the best, although I think they've gone a little downhill in the past couple months. I don't think there's one standout in the neighborhood... every restaurant seems to do certain dishes better than others. Em has the best Tom Kha, Joya has the best spicy (drunk) noodles, etc.

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              Sripraphai is awsome (but far far from Court st of course). I have to get back there soon.

              I agree with the Joya speed complaints. I don't go there during prime time anymore for that reason. It used to be our go-to place to bring out of town friends, but it's just too hectic and loud. I still order delivery from there. I will have to try Ghang on your rec.

            2. I don't go to Joya anymore because it's too loud and crowded, but it's my go-to Thai takeout.

              (And yes, not on Smith Street, but it's close enough.)

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                Only 3+ years later, but I feel compelled to reconsider and finally put in another vote for Ghang Thai.

                Joya is fine, but a "meh" sort of fine. I commented to my friends that it seemed like I might imagine the best Thai restaurant in Greenwich CT or Memphis - I like it just fine, I'll eat it again, and am happy to do so (their fried rice in particular, I really like) but it doesn't strike me as a revelation even in the frame of reference of Cobble Hill).

                However, Ghang was clearly a step above - I can't comment on what authentic is because I haven't had authentic Thai, but Ghang "felt more authentic" and lighter, with more spice (even at the Medium level, which was plenty for a group that likes spicy food) and more refined flavors. Again, all within the frame of reference of the Bococa metro area - this isn't a substitute for what I imagine is out there in Queens, I'm talking about getting Thai food delivered to my Cobble Hill home. Recommend.

                215 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                229 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

              2. i firmly agree that Ghang Thai is better than Joya, (and certainly for atmosphere). i think some things may be better than others, however...

                slightly off-topic, but by far the best SEAsian in the neighborhood is *Mai*, on Atlantic Avenue. outstanding.

                1. Ghang Thai is far superior to Joya. The servers are always very sweet, accomodating and friendly. Its BYOB so you can bring the beer or wine of your choice. The environment is mellow; no thumping dj music or super-crowded bar area to wrestle thru. You can enjoy the food AND the company.

                  And the food is very fresh - not overly salty and heavy like Joya often is. Ghang Thai also has amazing lunch specials with generous main dish portions, soup or salad, crispy rolls or dumplings, all for about $7-8! And the food is great.

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                  1. re: canoodlers

                    Hmmm...I haven't been to Ghang Thai, but the fact that it took you till the second paragraph to talk about the food compared to Joya's...and most of that comparison is price and portions...

                    1. re: MRich

                      MRich, "haven't been to Ghang Thai" -- so why are you commenting?

                      i have been to Ghang Thai hundreds of times over the past 4 years, and it is consistently the best Thai restaurant in the neighborhood to us -- and possibly thebest i have been to in NYC. we have ordered probably half the dishes there, and not one of was disappointning. (out of hundreds of meals, only one --a takeout order -- was less than average). Em is too sweet.

                      i have been to Thailand several times, and Ghang -- which is run and managed by Thais -- is superior to many of the restaurants where i ate in Bangkok.

                      1. re: korgy

                        Thataway korgy- you tell him!

                        1. re: twan55

                          Canoodlers seemed to be commenting more on the servers, BYOB policy, environment, music, noise level, lunch specials, generous portions etc. That made me question his/her enthusiasm for the food comparison...three and a half years ago.

                        2. re: korgy

                          If this is true, it's exciting news, as I live in the neighborhood and always thought 9-D was the best thai around here (which was not saying much)

                          "possibly thebest i have been to in NYC"--have you been to sripraphai or ayada or any of the places in queens? If you've been to those and have been to thailand and still stand by your statement about ghang, i guess i will have to try it. do they make the food nicely thai spicy?

                          however, just to clarify, aren't most thai restaurants run by thais? (or ethnic chinese from thailand--they run many of the restaurants in thailand, too) I know 9-D and Em are both thai run. Not sure that's an indication of either authentic or delicious food.

                          462 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                          1. re: missmasala

                            I agree that Ghang is the best in the neighborhood, but I also agree that that isn't saying all that much. I have been to Ghang, 9-D, Em, and Joya and imo they are all medicocre and gloppy but Ghang does have some slightly more interesting dishes and a pretty good atmosphere. If you want good, authentic Thai food you have to leave Smith st and the borough, I'm afraid

                            204 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                            1. re: chocolatefancy

                              what are some of the more interesting dishes at ghang?

                              1. re: missmasala

                                Interested here, too, in ordering recommendations. My only experience with Ghang (Smith St.) was delivery a couple of weeks ago that seriously exceeded my MDA of glop. Huge disappointment.

                                204 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                                1. re: JonL

                                  Well.....Rethinking my experiences at Ghang (We've gone/ordered from there several times) and revising my post. So Ghang does have a pumpkin curry and pumpkin is rarely on menus and I am partial to squash in general so that was the dish I was referring to....But it wasn't so good and I wouldn't recommend going there just for that.

                                  204 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                                  1. re: chocolatefancy

                                    in case anyone is dredging up this thread from the past, Ghang (formerly on Smith) is now at 229 Court Street between Warren and Baltic (1 block over from Joya)-- they moved so they could open a bar-restaurant. the food is comparable to its former location, still quite good imo. (yes, i have eaten at Sripraphai and the other Queens restaurants, which are simply a totally different style of cooking). and don't order take-out.

                                    229 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                            2. re: missmasala

                              "have you been to sripraphai or ayada or any of the places in queens?" yes -- applaes and banana. sripraphai is a totally different style of cooking -- less refined and more earthy. as for the spicy question, they usually ask you at Ghang how spicy you want the food -- i generally say "medium spicy", which is "very" spicy to some. any of the curry dishes are good, the papaya salad is excellent, and we both LOVE the Tom Yum Noodle Soup.

                              (btw, there is a horrendous "Thai" restaurant on Smith St now occupying Ghang's former location. just horrendous. )

                              229 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                      2. Thai in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/etc., etc. is a fucking joke.

                        Saying "Ghang is better than 9D" is like saying "losing your arm is better than losing your leg."

                        Either one sucks.

                        I don't have a car and am too lazy to make what seems like an hellacious public-transport trip
                        over to Queens but even I'm about to take the Ayada/Chao/Sripraphai plunge, so violently disillusioned with local "Thai" cuisine am I.

                        Oh and by the way, Manhattan Thai blows too (Kin Khao was actually decent, 'till it went the way of all good restaurants...).

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                        1. re: twan55

                          Take the subway from work. All of the Queens Thai places are cheap so you can afford to take a car service back.

                          Of course the downside is that you'll never want to eat the neighborhood stuff again.

                          1. re: Bob Martinez

                            I work in Bay Ridge lol.

                            Still, point taken about Queens Thai.

                            Being from California and living in Cobble Hill for over 10 years, my heart is literally broken over the putrid (Thai) offerings.

                            And don't get me started on Vietnamese...

                          2. re: twan55

                            I think Em's new-ish Thai-Spicy mini-menu is pretty awesome. The ground pork with a handful of garlic cloves and fried egg is my usual favorite. But now I've been leaning towards the sliced pork dish that is made with this aromatic shaved root. Absolutely delicious, very authentic in taste and damn hot. Like it was a victory to finish it hot.

                            Good times.

                            VIP @Thai
                            278 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                            1. re: bhill

                              I agree that EM's mini-menu is by far the best thing on Smith St.

                            2. re: twan55

                              Stop complaining, Get off yer butt and go. We went tonight to Ayada and it was wonderful. It was really easy to get there-- just take the f train to roosevelt ave. Its about 35 minutes and then a short walk.

                              77-08 Woodside Ave, Queens, NY 11373

                            3. At the risk of being off-topic, Teeda Thai over on Columbia is far better than the others for delivery. And they're quick.

                              218 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11201