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Mar 30, 2007 12:49 AM

Threey days in Liverpool

We are spending 3 days in Liverpool. I have already booked 60 Hope St for one evening, we are eating a Pasachdik meal with family on another evening. So I am looking for venues for two lunches and maybe one breakfast.

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  1. If you want more fancy dining, then the London Carriage Works is excellent. It's not cheap, but I think you can get a reasonable deal for lunch time and/or in the bistro bit. It's a few doors down from 60 Hope St.

    If it's sunny, sitting outside The Quarter on Faulkner (or Falkner) St is lovely - the food isn't always brilliant, but they do good pasta and have some nice starters which are good for sharing. It's also good for just having a coffee. It's run by the same people as 60 Hope St, and is only over the road. I don't think they do breakfast, but the deli next door does.

    On the same road there is the Everyman Theatre - in the bar downstairs they do really good food at very reasonable prices - you queue up at the counter and choose from a wide selection of food such as Thai chicken, spanish stews, pizza, lots of interesting salads. It's good for veggies and is famous for it's indulgent puddings and sweets.

    Lunch at Paul Heathcote's place Simply Heathcotes can be good value, and his other outlet round the corner - the Olive Press - does great Italian food.

    I've never been there, but the cafe in the Anglican Cathedral is supposed to be very good - I think you can sit outside if the weather is nice.

    Puschka's on Rodney St is excellent, and I think it's open for lunch - I guess it's what you'd call modern British/European food, but not in the least bit pretentious.

    China Town is worth a go if you fancy a noodle soup for lunch. the best restaurant I think is the Yuet Ben - right opposite the Arch - but I don't know if they do noodle soups. the menu is very good though - much smaller than most Chinese restaurants and very good for vegetarians. If you want something very basic, but good, is Mabo's, which is a Chinese cafe known for it's noodle soups - a good Sunday lunch for me is a big bowl of duck noodle soup along with a plate of cold char siu pork with lots of chilli sauce on. If you want alcohol, they sell Chinese beer, but you can also bring your own.

    I don't know which part of Liverpool you're staying in (all of the above are in the city centre), but Lark Lane, south of the city centre, is worth a visit for lunch. It's right on Sefton Park, and has lots of places to eat. An old favourite is Keith's Wine Bar. It's one of the original wine bars from the 70s (I think), and it's hardly changed. If you get a table in the front room, it's a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by. They serve a variety of food - from snacks through to full meals. They do starters such as squid, or hummus and tapenade etc, mains include simple steaks with new potatoes and salad, or specials such as Chicken and chorizo stew. It's always good value and usually very well cooked - the wine is a steal as well.

    I live in Liverpool, so if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

    By the way - what's a Pasachdik meal?

    I hope you enjoy your stay - it's a good city to visit.

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      If you want highend you could also try Fraiche restaurant, in the Wirral. Michelin made it an espoir restaurant in the last guide and Chef Marc Williamson is really committed and passionate about what he's doing.

      Service can be a bit weird, it's in an odd spot to hire experienced high end staff. That let it down a wee bit on my visit.

      1. re: Theresa

        Thanks Theresa - Its the jewish festival of Passover, so that the kind of meal we eat during this period.

        1. re: loobcom

          For what it's worth, I have eaten at a lot of these places. I liked London Carriage works, but thought the food at 60 Hope was a bit disappointing given the prices and the hype. Heard amazingly great things about Puschka and Keith's Wine Bar but haven't gotten there yet.

          The best meal I've eaten in Liverpool lately was at a relatively new place, Amber Wine Bar and Bistro, in Mossley Hill - the Lobscouse, a traditional Liverpool dish kind of like pot roast or hot pot, was amazing.