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Mar 30, 2007 12:15 AM

Where can i get a good prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich?

I'm looking for any place that serves a simple prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich. Anyone know of any places that have imported prosciutto and make their own mozzarella? I'm right at Clark and Fullerton, but really anywhere in the city is fine. Thanksss!!

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  1. Bari Foods on Grand Ave has the best. They make it on a really good sub. You'll love it.

    1. I second the Bari Foods rec. No one else comes close.

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        Well I love Bari, too, but do they really make their own mozz like the OP is looking for?

      2. Bari Foods is tops. Check out the March 29th Chicago Tribune Food Guide article about the top three Italian Sub shops/delis. Bari Foods, Conte Di Savoi, and Fontano's were featured.

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          Nothing personal, but the Chicago Tribune is the second to last place I would consider looking for guidance in culinary matters. [In that regard, it's right in front of the Sun Times, and right behind Chicago Magazine.]

          Bari has great bread, yes, but for excellent prosciutto and mozarella I would suggest that the O.P. make the drive to Riviera on Harlem. The mozzarella di bufala is made in-house every morning. And, the bread? Well, at Riviera you are free to choose from several different options, and, with any sandwich creations there, I find it's best to ask the coutermen for their opinion in the matter.

          Riviera Foods
          3220 N Harlem Ave
          Chicago, IL 60634


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            Unfortunately I don't have a car in the City. Would I be able to get to Bari and Riviera via the bus?

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              Bari Foods is at Grand and May (in a little culinary enclave that includes May Street Market, d'Amato's Bakery, and Terry's Truffles). The #65 Grand Avenue bus goes right by there and also stops at the Grand stops on the Blue Line and on the Red Line.

              Riviera Foods is at Harlem and Belmont, and is accessible via the #77 Belmont bus (which stops at the Belmont stops on the Blue Line and on the Red/Brown/Purple Lines) and the #90 Harlem Avenue bus (which runs by the Harlem/Lake stop at the end of the Green Line and the Harlem stop on the O'Hare end of the Blue Line).

              More info at

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              I bought some mozzarella di bufala about 2 months ago at Riviera and it was sealed in a wrapper, marked imported from Italy. It was the only one they had for sale at the time. And it was superb!

              1. re: Erik M

                Agreed, Chicago Tribune is generally not a place I look for recommendations. The three Italian Deli owners featured are true afficionados of Italian foods, sub making, etc. Granted, Conte Di Savoi is not what it used to be 35 years's much more watered down. Anyone remember the glory days of this place? Grew up going to Riviera and Alpine Foods as well. I think Riviera would do much better if they were located near the rest of the Italian Deli's near North Avenue. Love it nevertherless. I need to make trip soon. The DeNigris Brand of Balsamic Vinegar is quite good. Buy a bottle next time you's ridiculously cheap at less than $3.00. Now that I think about it, everything is unbelievably inexpensive at Riviera Foods.

                1. re: amoncada

                  Actually, the Tribune's food section was just nominated for a James Beard award, alongside the San Francisco Chronicle. So it might not be as bad of a resource as you think.

            3. The Sams WInes in Highland Park has a small sndwich deli behind the cheese counter- I assume the downtown one does as well (I have no logical explanation why I don't know the answer to that issue!)

              I had a great Prosiutto& Mozz sandwich in HP- I know they don't make their own, but their sources for bread, meat and Cheese are among the best in Chicagoland.

              And it's close to you!

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                The Sam's in Lincoln Park has a good selection of cheeses and deli meats, but I have never noticed them selling sandwiches there. I'll be in that area tomorrow, I'll have to stop in and check. They do have a nice imported buffalo mozzarella. It is delivered on Tuesdays and generally sells out before the weekend.

              2. I recently had a pretty good prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich from Francesca's Forno on North Milwaukee ... and they also make really great truffled pecorino french fries.