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Mar 29, 2007 10:36 PM

Cheap New Brunswick, NJ Eats??

I'm going to be in New Brunswick for a show at the State Theatre, and I am in need of a few lunch/dinner spots that are tasty and easy on the wallet. My boyfriend and I will be staying overnight so any recommendations for breakfast will be welcomed as well. Thanks

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  1. The Round Grill on Albany is great. It's all you can eat Mongolian BBQ. I also enjoy Old Man Raffertys. Be sure to have the tomato basil soup. Here's a link for you of casual dining in nb

    1. New Brunswick is in Central NJ. Since the moderators have decided that posts related to restaurants in that area of NJ belong on the Mid-Atlantic board, you were correct to post there. I've posted a reply there:

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        How about Stuff Yer Face on Easton Ave. They are famous for their stromboli's, but I've always had some nice casual, good food there. Take a look at the menu. It's not a "Italian" restaurant type of place -- more of a college, young, some families, etc. strobmboli, appetizer, etc. kind of place.


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          I recommend Evelyn's, also on Easton Ave right near Stuff Yer Face. Best. Falafel. Ever.

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            Love Stuff Yer Face. Not elegant by any stretch of the imagine but for stomboli and similar foods, it is just plain good. It is no longer in my circle of places (ie the daughter moved) but it still warms my taste buds.