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Mar 29, 2007 09:45 PM

mk or Aigre Doux for bday dinner?

Looking for a new restaurant to go to for my husband's 31st bday in mid-April. We've never been to mk and have been wanting to try it for forever, but all these reviews I've been reading about Aigre Doux make it sound amazing. Can anyone help sway me towards one or the other? We're looking for a fun/trendy atmosphere. On a side note, how is May St. Market? Haven't heard/read too much about it lately. Thanks!

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  1. I've been to all three.

    I thought Aigre Doux was *amazingly* good. It was an outstanding meal in every way. You've probably read my review at

    When I ate at mk, I thought the food was very good, but not superb like Aigre Doux. Also, it was rather noisy, and the service was... well, let's just say that since then, we've joked that the initials stand for "mangia kwik". ;)

    I thought the food at May St Market, too, was quite good, but also not superb like Aigre Doux. But it's a nice place, good service and nice atmosphere (although I wouldn't call it exactly fun/trendy, but nice).

    If there's one place in the same genre - fun/trendy atmosphere with amazing food - that *is* as good as Aigre Doux, IMHO, it's One Sixty Blue. Both places are shockingly spectacular.


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      Excellent. Thank you! My mind is made up already where to take him. It definitely was your review that I read and was drooling over! I've already got my reservation set - love that ;)

    2. I went to Aigre Doux last night and had to wait 45 minutes to be seated for a reservation for four that I've had for a month. I sort of expected it because it's new and there's a lot of buzz about it, but still annoying for a non-weekend dinner. The food was very good, although I expected to be more blown away because of all I had heard. All in all, definitely worth a visit, but I probably won't make a habit of it. (especially at those prices!)

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