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Mar 29, 2007 09:40 PM

Lucky Devils breakfast report

The wife and I have hit Lucky Devils (Hollywood) on the last two Sundays for breakfast, and they've matched the quality level of their lunch and dinner.

Both times I've had the Tasmanian sourdough pancakes (with added blueberries), and the wife has had the egg sandwich. It's all presented very well, with the usual good service and unhurried atmosphere. We find it to be the perfect lead-in to the Hollywood Farmers Market.

It's extra amusing to watch the puzzled tourists pass by as they seek out their tour buses a couple of blocks east on Hollywood Blvd. And don't get me started about the ubiquitous Scientologists. Suffice to say it all adds up to the very best kind of freak show.

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  1. I had the very thin, smallish (but stacked high) beer batter pancakes last weekend. They were fantastic. Crepe-like, a little salty and very buttery. Would definitely order those again!

    1. cool - what kinda price range are we talking about? do you know if they have french toast? thx.

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        No French toast, and the breakfast dishes run somewhere around $8-$12, as I recall.