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Mar 29, 2007 09:31 PM

Canele (Atwater) Thursday night report.

The wife and I just returned from a fast-plan (i.e. last minute) dinner at Canele. This was our third visit, I believe, and the place has not yet disappointed us.

We shared the beet salad with fennel, citrus slices and interesting greens, then moved on to trout and snapper. Both excellent.

Bonus points for our well-tattooed, non-bullshitting, friendly and well-informed server. I was surprised at how quiet the place was on a Thursday night, but all the patrons seemed like kindred souls. I like the way this place is coming together.

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  1. Has the menu changed? I haven't been blown away by the food I've had there, but I keep hoping the entrees will change.

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      The menu looked pretty familiar, but both fish entrees we had and the beet/citrus/goat cheese salad were excellent. The price, by the way: 2 entrees, a salad, and $10 corkage: $54 before tip.

    2. I just ate at Canele for the first time this Tuesday for my birthday. We were a good size party and I admit I was a bit concerned since I'd read a few negative reviews and since they don't take reservations. I need not have been concerned!! The service was great, vibe was relaxed and warm (we had to wait a bit but were well taken care of), and all appetizers, entrees and desserts were excellent. Standouts: the lamb chops with favas was perfect, celery root salad, and for dessert the walnut cake was light and moist on the inside with a sweet crust and a perfectly airy cream to accompany -- yummm

      1. Went to Canele last night and had those lamb chops and fava beans melange which were very tasty, while companion had the beef bourgignon with pork bits over noodles that was sensational.
        Yet another very good meal at Canele. And yes the menu does change, but it is generally of a one new item at a time approach, and thus noticing a change is more difficult. One thing I like is the fact that you find some things on the menu that are not on every other menu in town.
        Service and conviviality have greatly improved. Wine list not great, yet definitely not overly expensive either.