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Mar 29, 2007 09:14 PM

Plea to Vegas Chowhounds


I have searched all of the prior messages regarding restaurants in Las Vegas and do not intend to torture you with another what is the best restaurant in Vegas question. I will try to be specific and hope that the collective experience of this site's members will yield an answer to my predicament.

I am visiting Las Vegas with two other couples for the first time in May. We are staying at the Wynn for 2 nights over a weekend and I have been tasked with choosing the restaurants. The group includes a sophisticated group of eaters with one caveat - two of the individuals do not eat fish. Prior to obtaining this bit of information I had booked our first night at Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare and our second night at L' Atelier. Clearly the first choice will not work.

Accordingly, I am looking for recommendations for a high end restaurant on the Strip for a party of six. If it was my choice, I would love to the Mansion or Guy Savoy but, alas, my dining companions do not share the same masochistic devotion to all thing culinary as me. Thus, if anyone has any suggestions for a high end dining experience ($150 per person), I would appreciate it.

We do not want a tasting menu and Picasso, Michael Mina , Mix, NobHill, and Bouchon (tried in Napa and was not impressed) do not hold interest for the group. All suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. are you from the bay area ? i ask because you mention eating at bouchon in may want to give fleur de lys a you probably know, Fleur de lys is an sf ...heck...i think it's fair to say , "institution," might be worthwhile to do a comparison. If you're willing to drive a little, Rosemary's is worth it...i'm sure you've read many reviews on this place so i won't bore you with details. i haven't eaten at bradley ogden's in awhile - you might also want to try and make comparisons to the lark creek restaurants...hmmm....on my list to try in the near future is DB Braissere and Alex....and your staying at wynn so it's convenient.

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      I would second Fleur de Lys. Gorgeous room and truly delicious food. It's not a tasting menu but it is strictly prix fixe with a choice of 3, 4 or 5 courses. The foie gras torchon is superb.

      Another nice choice would perhaps be Craftsteak, it's got somewhat less of a "steakhouse" feel than some other places. And while we haven't yet been to Alex, the OP should seriously consider it although the $150/pp. budget might be an issue there.

    2. Fleur de Lys has a beautiful room and a nice menu, as discussed. A new David Burke restaurant just (and i mean just, like this week) opened at the might be fun to be the "first" and give it a try. I've eaten at Alex and didn't love it, but it's certainly worth considering. You might also think about n9ne and alize at the palms (a bit off strip, but not terrible)....n9ne is an upscale steakhouse, very fun albeit sometimes a bit loud, while Alize is a traditional French restaurant upstairs at the Palm, with great views.
      Another, completely different type of option would be to go to Lotus of Siam and get them to do a special Northern Thai meal for you with matching's not elegant, but the food is fantastic, and you'll have money left over. I'm sure they could limit the seafood, as well (although they have some fabulous fish and shellfish dishes).

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        Thank you for the replies. Since I am in the Bay area, the thought of going to Fleur de Lys does not appeal to me despite the recommendations. I thought of crafsteak but had three hesitations that could be overcome - (1) we are already dining at the MGM (L' Atelier) and would like to add a bit of diversity, (2) steakhouses tend to have a absurd mark-ups on their wines (400% is not uncommon) and (3) steakhouses in general tend to attract the loud abnoxious types in greater proportion to other restaurants.

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          adding a bit of diversity is probably a good idea. Although I like L'Atelier, the MGM is probably one of my least favorite casino/resorts. Craftsteak is fine but I think your concerns about the wine are probably well founded (based on what I remember). I think the loud obnoxious types are evenly distributed in LV....I wouldn't worry about them congregating at the steakhouses. I actually prefer n9ne to craftsteak; I thought craftsteak was very good but exceedingly pricy for what it was. I will have to try it again, based on other folks' positive reviews. BTW, there is also a pretty well reviewed steakhouse in the Wynn, SW, which has the advantage of being on the "lake" and looks quite nice...I'd consider that. One of my objections to the restaurants at the MGM is that they are either right up against the casino or down this long busy hallway; the Wynn does a much nicer job with the location and ambiance of the restaurants.

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            You could bring your own bottle - the corkage fee per bottle at Craftsteak is $30 - maximum of 5 bottles.

            1. re: westie

              Actually, the standard corkage policy at Craftsteak is $35 per bottle with a 2 bottle ( 1.5 L ) limit. With that being said there are always exceptions to be made and you may have been the beneficiary of one of those exceptions.

        2. Bartolotta is a seafood restaurant...with excellent meat choices as well. Our last visit, my husband had a veal chop that was to die for! They have pasta choices and appetizers without seafood as well. If there are others in your party that wish to have seafood, it won't comprimise those that do not by going to Bartolotta. It would be a shame to miss such a great restaurant.

          1. And to your comment about the wine mark-ups in steakhouses... This is Las Vegas, any restaurant on the strip is going to mark-up their wines insanely. If you have an issue with paying "strip prices", call the restaurant beforehand and see about bringing your own.

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              Thanks for the informative replies. Based on persally's response, I might stick with Bartolotta although lvnvflyer's comment about SW steakhouse make it a possibility as well. It would be nice to try one of Wynn's offerings....