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Mar 29, 2007 09:05 PM

montreal food news?

i'm heading to montreal next weekend and want to check out the latest (and best) of the city's restaurants. any recommendations of new places? expensive, cheap, brunch, lunch, dinner--doesn't matter. i'm willing to try anything. thanks!

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  1. A new place I am dying to try is O.Noir. It has been open since September 2006. There is a short thread on it here ( It is the concept where you eat in the dark, and use your other senses. It sounds like fun, and the prix fixe menu is $37 a person, not bad.
    The website is

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      Reviews for this haven't been very enthusiastic. Sounds a little gimmicky. I can understand why people would want to try it but I prefer to see the food I'M eating, I think it's part of the whole eating experience. Just my opinion though.

    2. A new discovery for me is Justine Bistro a Vins on St-Denis just barely above Mont-Royal on the east side of the street. It is a great casual bistro with a nice selection of wines, many by the glass, good food and outstanding prices (the most expensive, if I recall correctly, was filet mignon at 17$). For that ambiance and food quality, at that price, I don't think it can be beat.

      And of course I remain entirely obsessed with Pinxto, if ever you haven't been there yet. Also very well-priced, with some really interesting wines privately-imported.

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      1. re: Abendschein

        Thanks. I haven't tried Pinxto, but its name keeps coming up. I think it's time. Have you been to Joe Beef? Does it live up to the hype?

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          In my experience, absolutely lives up to the hype. It is straightforward, great food that does not disappoint. Personally I prefer it weeknights, the later the better, but that's just me. I also like the fact that the atmosphere is chilled out, it doesn't "act" like it's one of the best places to dine, but will certainly provide among the best meals to be found in town. It can add up, but you always feel it was money more than well spent.

          1. re: bumpalong76

            I don't think it lives up to the hype - it's pricey versions of regular meals and the ambiance is good on some nights and not on others. The owners take themselves a bit too seriously and the food is quite heavy and the portions enormous. I would go for Pintxo instead. Lighter on the wallet and the stomach, better service and ambiance and an interesting experience. Otherwise, you could also try La Porte on St-Laurent. It's excellent French food using seasonal ingredients. They have a few options for tasting menus and the owners are super sweet.

        2. We just ate at Halte Urbaine, a new resto from the chef of AREA. Quite a bit cheaper than Area, nice bistro atmosphere, excellent service and food. The kitchen is tiny and entirely visible to diners--its amazing to think the awesome food showing up on your table was made in such cramped quarters. Its on Bernard in the Theatre Outremont.

          Oh, and I have said it on other threads but will repeat it here. We had the worst dining experience at Joe Beef that I can remember in recent years. Oysters rockefeller were truly yuk, wine was horrifically overpriced, my husband's desert was shameful. At the prices they charge, an 'off night' is simply not an option. So many other great restos to choose from, don't chance it.