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Mar 29, 2007 07:58 PM

can't miss casual fun dinner spots PHX/Scottsdale

we only have a few nights in Scottsdale.....looking for casual places (ethnic ok) to take open-minded teenage daughters......

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  1. Whereabouts in Scottsdale? The city runs 30 miles from top to bottom.

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    1. re: silverbear

      we are staying at Westin Kierland and then at Phoenician

      1. re: lesmerliv

        Okay. Both hotels are actually in Phoenix, but right on the border with Scottsdale. There are lots of options in both locations.

        For the Westin Kierland, you can drive three miles down to Scottsdale and Shea and enjoy Middle Eastern food at either Sabuddy or Pita Jungle.

        For the Phoenician, you might want to consider Delux, which is fun for burgers, panini, and salads. Stingray is also a fun sushi place in downtown Scottsdale.

    2. Los Sombreros (west side of Scottsdale Road near Oak) is a great place for a casual dinner. The menu features some top-notch Mexican "haute cuisine", but the atmosphere is very relaxed. They know their way around a margarita glass too. :)

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      1. The areas you are staying in are short of ethnic places but there are plenty of options that may appeal to you and your teenage daughters. They may enjoy the energy of La Grande pizzeria and grocery at 40th and Campbell -- good pizza, salads and burgers. Havana Cafe at 44th and Camelback is an upscale Cuban place that has been reliable for years. At Scottsdale Fashion Square, you have Kona Grill -- youthful vibe, decent sushi, fish, and gringo Asian options -- and Z'Tejas, which offers accessible Southwestern fare. Sushi/Japanese? Try Dozo, downtown Scottsdale, on Miller (1/2 mile east of Scottsdale Rd.) about 1/4 mile south of Camelback, near the corner of 6th Avenue. Excellent food and a friendly place.

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          Thanks for reminding me of Dozo. It seems like a great alternative to the other sushi places around Old Town Scottsdale (no scene, no attitude, good prices). I've actually been tempted to get grocery store sushi, for the convenience, but, no more. This place is right in my backyard.

        2. stay away from tourist traps such as tortilla factory in Scottsdale. Nasty food. Like from a can with lots of processed cheese on it, beware. I did like Bandera which was reasonably priced and not too bad food.