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Mar 29, 2007 07:08 PM


Hello! Do you know any shop that bakes and sells "rose donuts"? They are donuts glazed with real rose petals... I saw this shop being introduced on the Travel Channel as one of the best donut shops in the US. Any ideas?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Doughnut Plant
    379 Grand St
    New York, NY 10002
    Phone: 212-505-3700

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Oh wow! 1 minute and I got my answer! Thank you!!!!

      1. re: via jon

        You are very welcome! I hope you get to eat one very soon. :)

      2. re: LFeinberg

        Note that they make about six flavors a day. I'd call ahead to make sure they have what you want before making the trip.

        1. re: CornflakeGirl

          Also make sure all your fillings are intact. Doughnut Plant may be one of the most polarizing places in Manhattan - a lot of people seem to love their doughnuts, but they are the single most disappointing thing I've ever eaten in my life. Tough, greasy, and leaden. I got up super early one morning to make the trek, thinking that I'd get the freshest donuts that way, and got two cold hockey pucks (pear and Valhrona chocolate). I rarely throw away food, even mediocre food, but both of them went into the trash after one bite.

          I rarely write broadly dismissive criticism, and I always try to understand how something I don't find delicious could be delicious to someone else. I am unable to transcend that barrier with DP's doughnuts.

          1. re: daveena

            Yeah, I've always wanted to like the DP donuts, but always am disappointed. The dough has that leathery, papery skin that bad Polish donuts get. And they're oily. But it's all personal pref.
            I have a soft spot for the Driesen's donuts I used to get as a kid at their General Store in the Hamptons. In the 90s they used to sell them on the platform at Penn Station on Fridays. They still do that?


            1. re: daveena

              totally agree with the above, try doughnut pub (14th and 7th), i much prefer. Although keep in mind doughnut pub is traditional doughnuts while doughnut plant is "innovative" doughnuts

              i think i bash this place everytime a post comes up b/c i've tried it numerous times to no avail

              1. re: daveena

                Ha, I am one of those weirdos who loves DP doughnuts! Love em love em! I will say that they must be eaten immediately or within an few hours of purchase to be good, but I respect that people like their doughnuts soft and fluffy. I like the almost bagel-like chew to it. And the flavors I find are wonderful. Peanut butter and banana is just wonderful as is pumpkin! Yum yum.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    Eeee! Might MW called me "sister"! <happy dance>

                    I actually remember that thread... I hadn't read up on Chowhound prior to going - DP was getting so much great press at the time that it didn't occur to me that they could be less than delicious. I was totally despondent after my DP experience (seriously, it was like that Christmas morning when there were no presents under the tree b/c my parents, immigrants who never really "got" the present-giving thing, totally forgot, and my mom told me that Santa ran out of time and skipped our house) and came straight to CH to figure out what the hell happened. I was so relieved to find that thread.

              2. re: LFeinberg

                Speaking of donuts, does anyone know where to get "donut muffins" in NY? I once had one in San Francisco but haven't ever seen them in NY.

              3. If you're curious you can get donuts FILLED with jam made from rose petals at most real Polish bakeries at this time of year. It's an Easter tradition. But alas, it's not the Donut Plant.

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                1. re: ballulah

                  I agree completely about the Donut Plant. Heavy greasy and the flavors are lost on them. Even fresh out of the oven. The bialy's next door though, are a different story all together...

                  1. re: fayehess

                    Might this be a case of a downhill alert. I haven't had a doughnut plant doughnut in over 5 years, but they used to be transcendant. perhaps they've simply gone downhill.

                    The other thing is that you have to be a yeast doughnut fan, i think. I only like yeast doughnuts (don't really understand the appeal of cake ones) and these (around the year 2000 anyway) were like the ultimate expression of yeast doughnuts, sweet, with the right amount of softness and chew.

                2. Thanks to all you Chow brothers & sisters :) Slightly disappointed after reading all the not-so-supportive comments about DP, being featured on the travel channel, I was hoping this was a hidden jewel...

                  Weekend's here, have fun guys!