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Mar 29, 2007 06:26 PM

Gordon Ramsay-just a name or the "real deal?"

I'll be leaving for London on 11 April. Here in the U.S. "Hell's Kitchen" has become quite the popular show and I've heard some rave reviews of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in London. So is it all hype or is a meal in one of his establishments a "must-add on" to my itinerary? Any experiences and feedback appreciated!

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  1. Gordon really does do a good job, though he's not in the kitchen so don't expect that same atmosphere you see on the show.

    If you want the Gordon "experience" without the price tab, try Boxwood Cafe (one of his better priced establishments).


    1. Absolutely the real deal. We at at GR's Chelsea outpost last spring and it was flawless. Food and service were exceptional. It inspired us to eat at his new place in NYC which was also a wonderful experience.