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Mar 29, 2007 05:58 PM

Cosmetic makeover needed for "Dog Barf" looking sort-of-hummus

I was seeking something a bit different for a reception tomorrow night and began tinkering with the already-made and delicious, traditional hummus. Into the FP went about a dozen cooked artichoke hearts, 8 oz Kalamata olives, garlic and olive oil. I stirred it into the hummus. Wow! Tastes terrific but looks like something the dog hid under a chair. This sort-of-hummus needs a cosmetic makeover to stop looking like brown sludge. Ideas?
NB: red bell peppers are o-u-t because they're featured in another close-by dish. Thanks.

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  1. sun-dried tomatoes perhaps?

    1. For texture change get out the food processor and whirr the whole thing down to a uniform puree.

      For color I think your best bet is to rethink the prior hummus recipe. Instead of using premade tahinini start with a very bright green olive oil, add ground sesame to that and then the garbanzos to that. You can safely add some squeezed and strained parsley for even more green with little change in flavor. I suspect you'll have something a lot less "beige" that will be more of a canvas for the olives and artichokes.

      1. Hummus just isn't a terribly attractive dish to begin with no matter what the mix ins. I'd garnish with something: parsley, cherry tomatoes, large, whole olives, and put it in the middle of a platter with concentric circles of pita triangles or chips around it.

        1. Serves with colorful chips/veggies and top with feta. It's all in the presentation.

          1. Traditionally, hummus is served topped with a light slick of olive oil and a generous sprinking of za'atar. If you do this, the top of the hummus will have an herby top to it, and look delightful.

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              Yes, I'd also be inclined to sprinkle on just a little paprika and toasted pine nuts.

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                sliced green onion small pieces, I also often add tomato or what I refer to as "tomato jewels" to dips and spreads. I take out the seeds, keep the little cubes of tomatoes all the same size and make a nice pile in the middle. And lots of fresh parsley.

              2. re: chloe103

                I was about to suggest the same thing. I had an Israeli boyfriend who always served it this way, and now I do too. If I don't have za'atar in the house, I use paprika, or even cayenne (what can I say, I live dangerously!).