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Mar 29, 2007 05:49 PM

Looking for LA style mexican in SF

I am a recent transplant from LA to SF, and craving a good sit down mexican restaurant that also serves margaritas. So far, I have been to Colibri, Mamacita, Tommys, La Barca, and taquerias which dont serve drinks. Although some of these places are OK, none of them are anywhere close to the LA style cheesy, gooey delicious mexican restaurants I miss so much. If you know what I am talking about, please let me know of ANY restaurant in the ENTIRE bay area that might have something close to LA style mexican food.


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  1. Try Rancho Las Trancas in South San Francisco. It is at 792 El Camino Real. They have a full bar and make excellent Machaca con Huevos, Chile Verde and Carnitas.

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      I recall liking their enchiladas.

    2. Chevy's?

      That combo of Mexican food and margaritas is not easy.

      Don't know LA, but having lived in the San Diego area briefly, I feel your pain.

      Another South San Francisco rec is El Charro

      I went there for the Bolivian food (which I HIGHLY recomend) but it is mainly Mexican and the margaritas are killer.

      The closest to San Diego food I ever found was El Tapatio in Richmond. No margaritas, but a really nice chavinda. Nice mocajete too.

      Hacienda Grill in Richmond is pretty good too. Again ... no maragaritas ... but a nice sangria

      1. La Fiesta in Mountain View...decent Cal-Mex and a full bar.

        1. You might have better luck in San Jose, which has a large Mexican population. Check out the Willow Glen neighborhood for Puerto Azul and Taqueria Tlaquepaque as a start.

          1. Mexquite on Broadway in Redwood City has a huge selection of tequilas, makes a good margarita, and has both "old school" dishes (which is what I think you're looking for) and more modern, upscale items.