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Mar 29, 2007 05:42 PM

Whole Foods Bowery

So just came back from an hour perusing the new Whole Foods...and there were TONS of samples! Tried almond croissant, maple sausage, potato latke, granola, sharp cheddar, manchego, gouda, avocado roll...

The salad bar is pretty similar to Union Square, but a bit larger - 4 bars instead of 3. And there is a separate station with dolmadakia, hummus, olives, etc. There is also a chili station, a french fry station with lots of different sauces available, a truffle station, ice cream from il laboratorio...the list goes on. The Fromagerie is pretty impressive...there is an area where you can blend cheese with dried fruits or nuts of your choice..and of course there is aging room complete with waterfall.

Anyway I am thrilled with the glorious 71,000 sq ft - particularly since i've lived in the barren wasteland of Chrystie st for a year now and have never found a suitable grocery!

Also...line system is automated like the new system in union square - moved v quickly tonight but it was not particularly crowded at 7 pm.

what do others think of the nw WF?

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  1. Great review!! I'm so excited about the new boyfriend lives in the nabe. Can't wait to go check it out!!! :)

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      Thx for the great review !
      As a resident of the LES the supermarket drought is finally over! We finally made it to the big time.

    2. It's gorgeous and I'm stunned by just how large it is. I'm a little concerned about all of those large windows -- they just scream "Break me!" or "Tag me!"

      I'm also glad that it's going to be open until 11pm each night. (At least that's what the sign said a few nights ago; their web site contradicts this.)

      1. I've been twice in 12 hours. Last night it was great, but with a 3 1/2 year old in tow a little hairy. Could have fed him dinner with the samples though! The sharp cheddar was great, and the gorgonzola was very mellow and creamy, like a Torta del Casar.
        Went there for coffee this a.m.; sat in the sun unmolested for an upwards of an hour. Um, then it was time to go to work, and I could have spent an hour there. Talked up Regine in the Whole Body and she gave me Dr.Hauschka lotion/ day cream samples.
        It's a freakin' city! We joined the Y downstairs so it's giong to be like a satellite apt.! Hopefully it won't become "Whole Wallet."

        1. Just came back and WOW is the word of the day. The pomme frites bar and the Il Laboratorio gelato bar are very nice additions - the place is huge - and the salad and sandwich bars are great. I work in this neighborhood so I see my lunch life totally enriched by Whole Foods finally opening. There is a Sushi restaurant on the second floor.

          1. I went there on opening morning. I'm floored with the vastness of this place. Also in the second floor besides the Japanese restaurant, there is also Italian food down the room. The gelato selections are way better than the Union Square location.

            Here's my post about it:


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              Just got back. Place is huge. Lotsa thought went into the layout. Seems to guide you along. Few rough edges. Need to train help bit better