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Mar 29, 2007 05:09 PM

Trader Joe wine bargains

Other than 2-buck Chuck (or 3-buck here in NJ), what good wine bargains do they sell? I am limited to the Westfield, NJ location as it is the only one which carries wine near enough to travel to.
Who has snagged some really delicious bargains? Reds, whites...preferably dry. Chianti or Bordeaux?
Do tell!

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  1. My go-to white for the past couple months has been a zingy aromatic Hungarian called "Woodman's White" from Hilltop Neszmely winery. Floral & zesty, but not cloying. Great buy for $3.99!

    1. Today I got a couple of bottles of Wente Crane Ridge Reserve Merlot 2003 for 14.99. That wine is local to the Bay Area (Livermore Valley) so I am not sure if you will find it on the east coast. If you do, try a bottle. It's quite good and 14.99 is an excellent price.

      1. This is one to avoid- the Argenta Malbec for $4.99 is awful. Don't buy it!

        1. Look for their Portugese Vinho Verde. It's $3.99 (at least where I live) and it's very light, crisp, a little fizzy. Perfect spring quaff!

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                Vino Verde is perfect for the summer. Usually only 10% alcohol as well

          1. I'm a big fan of Robert Hall Cabernet for $11.99 (in Southern California). It's always sold out at my TJ's.

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              I second that recommendation. Had the '04 last night and was very, very pleased.