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Mar 29, 2007 05:07 PM

Suggestions for Tempe, AZ

Hello, I am in Tempe for couple of days on business and would like any suggestions on ethnic places (Mexican, Chinese, Japanese) for dinner. I prefer mexican with less cheese, good guacomle, spicy chinese (cantonese style?) and shushi in japanses. I searched the previous posts but most seem to be from 2005/2006. Any recent reviews/suggestions will be helpful.

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  1. I will continue to suggest Los Sombreros, which is just a couple of miles North of the Tempe border in Scottsdale. Maybe they're not what they once were, but, still the best in the general area for what you want, IMO.

    1. For less cheesy Mexican, I endorse Restaurant Mexico. It uses a crumbly white cheese sparingly rather than loads of the melted orange-yellow goo that is more common here. If you Google Restaurant Mexico, you'll probably see an address along University Dr. Ignore that address. RM is currently in the process of reopening along Mill Avenue -- along the 300 south block I believe. My favorite is the the Claire enchilada, which combines guacamole and whole pinto peans as an enchilada filling.

      As for Japanese, I like Sushi Eye, in south Tempe at Kyrene and Elliot. It's tasty and fresh without the pretense of many local sushi bars.

      I can't think of good Chinese within Tempe limits, but there is certainly good Thai, Ethiopian, Indian, etc. Threads from a year or two should still be up-to-date with regard to those cuisines.

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        I just drove by the new location of Restaurant Mexico at 423 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ. The sign says "coming soon". Yet another Gelato Spot is under construction at 425.

        1. re: johnseberg

          Yes, I tried to go there on Friday and noticed the same thing. The new space looks nice, though.

      2. I second the recommendations for Los Sombreros and Restaurant Mexico. Different price points (LS ~$15-$18/entree vs. RM ~$5-$8). My favorite à la carte combo from RM is one guacamole sope and one cheese enchilada washed down with a Negra Modelo. Though, if find myself on the right night (used to be Thurdays, I think), I order the chile relleno special.

        1. mexican - filiberto's
          chinese - tao garden
          japanese - sushi eye

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          1. re: dongstadden

            Tao Garden is good. Best Hong Kong is good but not fancy at ALL. Shimogamo is good for sushi too.

            1. re: ccl1111

              Yes, Shimogamo was excellent the last time I was there. Have you been there recently?

              1. re: azhotdish

                Not recently but I was impressed when I was last there. Also had other good signals such as "live sweet shrimp" on the board though they were out.

                Brings me back to Ristorante Abe days in Newport Beach when Abe-san would bring the shrimp out flipping around on the counter, couple seconds later, he'd put up some of the best amaebi I've ever had. As I type this, it sounds much crueler than it seemed. : )

                1. re: ccl1111

                  Personally, I like the "feed me" option. Sometimes, being completely out of control is a good thing.

                  1. re: azhotdish

                    Totally agree. We always go that way when it's a good Japanese place.

                    If we're dragged somewhere iffy, we play it safe with hard to mess up stuff. Crunchy rolls & shrimp tempura rolls have their place! Had uni at a scene sushi place once (think it was Tsunami in Huntington Beach) and never again.

                    Another place that is kind of cool if you're at Best Hong Kong or Dragonfly or one of the others on Southern & Dobson is The Street. They do all the boba teas & shakes. We really like the taro shake and the red bean ice desert.

                    1. re: ccl1111

                      Thanks everyone for the responses. I went to Los Sombreros in Scottsdale and really enjoyed the food. I had the seafood tacos for starters and the crab enchiladas for the main entree. Both were reallly good. Not cheesy at all and very tasty.I had to pass on the guacomole as I didn't want to spend $8 for a single person.

                      For Japanese, I ended up going to the shushi place(RV?) on Mills Ave. Nothing great. With the bar in the infront, there was loud music going on and the restaurant was full and the sushi chef were very busy so they had no time to interact.

                      1. re: Akhibhag

                        That's actually a really good point to bring up. When rating sushi places, people value very different things. We value only the food. That's actually pretty much true anywhere for us. Any interaction is a nice to have. We have friends though to whom that is a very important piece. While we love Kampai (though we find Yuki-san very cool), they are just lukewarm on it - lack of interaction.

                        1. re: Akhibhag

                          I'm glad you enjoyed Los Sombreros. For future reference, they have offered me a smaller portion of guac (half order?). The regular portion is quite large.