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Mar 29, 2007 04:47 PM

Really Good Yeasty Pancakes

Hi everyone, I was just reading about Breakfast places, and it got me to thinking about a pancake place we always used to go to, called Uncle John's Pancake House. It had the BEST, yeasty, slightly funky, plump, dense, wonderful pancakes!! I think they must have had sourdough in them? I have not been able to find any pancake house that can even come close, and wonder if anyone knows or has any recipe like that, and knows what I'm talking about - ?

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  1. I tried this recipe for yeasty pancakes and thought they turned out all right, not spectacular though. I prefer the buttermilk pancakes myself. But give it a try and see if they compare to the pancakes you had:

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      Thank you, Augusta!! : ) I will try them.

    2. Are referring the Uncle John's Pancake House in Santa Clara, CA?

      If so I have good news the great pancakes can still be had at the Holder's Country Inn in Santa Clara County..they have five restaurants. They still use the same recipe...

      from their websiite:
      In 1957, Jack and Anne Holder sold their Dairy Queen business in Roseburg, Oregon and moved their family to the "Valley of Hearts Delight" and opened Uncle John's Pancake House in Santa Clara. Jack and Anne's pancakes and waffle recipes made Uncle John's one of the most popular coffee shops in the Bay Area.

      In 1967, Jack and Anne's success continued when they opened the original "Holder's Country Inn" in the old Town & Country Village (now Santana Row) in San Jose, where it flourished for 32 years. The original Country Inn relocated to DeAnza Boulevard in 1999. The Holder's at El Paseo opened in 1981 and relocated to Saratoga Avenue in 1995.....[snip]

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        Sorry Xmas, I just now read your post.
        No, the Uncle John's Pancake House I'm talking about, was located in San Bernardino, California. It's long gone. But thank you for the information, it was interesting anyway!
        And I'm just now getting to try Augusta's pancakes, believe it or not - but without the blueberries, I want to taste the yeasty goodness by itself.