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Mar 29, 2007 04:46 PM

anthem eats?

is there any good eating in anthem, arizona? or do you have to make the trek to binkley's in cave creek? i know madelyn's is on the way...

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  1. Off The Hook is a sushi and martini bar. It's not bad, but otherwise you're not going to find much in Anthem.

    1. There are actually a few good restaurants in Anthem.....
      Not fine dining, but not bad either. We have some friends that live in Anthem and they have introduced us to:

      Franco's Italian is good classic will be pleasantly suprised!

      Another place we have been 'off the hook sushi'...has a young feel...and is suprisingly fresh...and reasonable. Good Martini's

      There is also the 'Eccentric Gourmet' wine bar
      Kind of a fun, funky place....go for a wine tasting!

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      1. re: ciaogal

        Huh! They put restaurants that aren't chains out there?! I'll be darned.

        1. re: Alice Letseat

          ate at legends bar and grill up in anthem last night - the waitress told us she stops at mcdonalds on her way to work instead of eating the food she serves... not a good sign.

          franco's seems to have changed hands and is called arribiato's or something like that... the franco's website is still up... ?

          and madelyn's restaurant now has a website but the actual place is still bare bones. the menu definitely looks intriguing there.

          1. re: blur

            I was actually the fry-cook at Legend's bar for a couple of months after college. There was a guy working the grill who was straight out of culinary school and always wanted to try new stuff, but the owners made him stick with the standard, boring fare. The owners were d-bags, too.

            1. re: blur

              I wish Madelyn's had opened closer to my side of the world. If the food tastes as good as it sounds it would probably make it into my regular rotation (as much as any place is anyway).

        2. Ray's Pizza
          42211 N 41st Dr # 10-129
          Anthem, AZ 85086

          Not sure if it's the same owner as the one off the Carefree Hwy, but I've had it multiple times and is excellent NY-style pizza.

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          1. re: azhotdish

            yeah legends just was not terrifically legendary. how is dining at the country club - there are two restaurants there?

            1. re: blur

              I love the food at Off The Hook, they not only have good sushi, but great Martini's and their Steak with crab on top is wonderful. I can't wait for Madelyns to open up to have a little variety up here.