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Mar 29, 2007 04:40 PM

Me-n-Ed's pizza - Perogy pizza?

This is a central California chain (Modesto, Los Banos, Tracy) that is making inroads in the SF Bay Area (Fremont & Richmond).

Since I live near Richmond, I'm wondering how good they are.

Anyone tried the Perogy Pizza (Roasted potatoes on garlic herb crust, with bacon, onions, and cheddar cheese. Topped with green onions and sour cream)

How's the Capicolla?

Any recs?

On the other hand, this might me the place near me ... bummer ... no progy pizza. In that case, anyone tried the stromboli?

How many places can be called me-n-Ed's.

A few web reviews which seem to like it.

"Me-n-Ed’s does it right, with fresh ingredients and a great selection of ready-to-go slices"

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  1. I've been eating at Me n' Ed's in Lakewood since I was a kid and never knew it was a chain. Same place?

    1. I remember Me-N-Ed's from the 70's in the Bay Area and Central Valley and thought it was history. They use to make a great pizza with an interesting crust, it had bromated flour and was thin and rather crackery (is that a real word?) in texture. Does that sound like the same place.

      1. rworange,

        I grew up on Me-n-Eds pizza living in the Central Valley. It is the pizza of my childhood and as such, I am pretty biased in favor of it. I almost never get any of the "themed" pizzas, i.e. stromboli, perogy, so I can't really speak to those. I can say that I think their crust is superior, thin, flaky and almost like a cracker. It is defintely for someone who likes thin, thin crust as it will be crunchy in some spots. I think their sauce is quite good, if rather basic. They are a chain as far as I know, with a strong following here in the Central Valley.

        I would be interested to know what you think of the pizza, since for me it is such a nostalgia thing. My husband likes it too, and he didn't grow up in the Valley. So I think it is good pizza, but he doesn't develop a craving for it like I do, so maybe it isn't great.