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Mar 29, 2007 04:28 PM

Seeking A Gracious and Special Dinner for my Parents

Fellow Chowhounds,

Please forgive my ignorance- this is probably a highly redundant post. However, I have never had the pleasure of making it out to New Orleans, so I haven't been reading this message board.

My parents are heading down next week for a visit with a few of their friends. They are only going to have one night away from the group, and they asked me to do some research on where they can go for a special, romantic, and relaxing meal.

They are in their 60's, and while they are somewhat adventurous eaters, they appreciate good, accomodating service. They are from New York, so are used to a certain kind of restaurant- something particularly New Orleans in spirit would be a nice change. Seasonal, local, humane food would be a plus.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have, and my apologies for the wordy post!

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  1. I would reccomend in this order (all of them have websites): Restaurant August, Pelican Club, Arnaud's, Broussard's. The first two are a notch above, in my opinion.

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      i love upperline--great, funky art, delicious food with traditional dishes.

      1. re: chez cherie

        Try Stella ,all of the above mentioned are divine, but the chef at Stella is very inventive and you walk away knowing you have been fed by an artist, not in a contrived way, it just tastes good, kind of way.

        1. re: Tonto

          Thanks for all of the suggestions. So far, August and Stella sound the best to me. If you all have any more ideas along that vein, please pass them along.

          I'm forwarding all of this to my mom, and she thanks you too!

    2. Gautreau's or Cuvee. I haven't been to Gautreau's since they just reopened, but they sort of define "gracious" in my mind. Cuvee has a fairly quiet atmosphere, and the food is excellent.

      I agree with Stella and August, also.

      1. My three suggestions are; Brigtsen's (cottage style, excellent creole style food and attentive service), Clancy's (The ultimate "old school" New Orl. dining experience) and of course Stella being arguably the best restarant in town these days.

        1. In addition to the other recommendations, Commander's Palace has reopemed after Katrina repairs. Definitely one of New Orleans' finest.