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Mar 29, 2007 04:03 PM


It begs to be asked again...where are the best places to go in Toronto for Martinis in a cool, funky atmosphere? And what are prices of the martinis? I find paying over $15 for a martini is not very worthwhile. I went to Cucina in little italy and enjoyed them a lot, I think they were $10-11 a glass, but were the best ones I have had in some time. Any new hot spots in the city??

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  1. Not sure if it's the right kind of funky, but we had an interesting girls' night out at Wild Indigo (607 College) after a dinner at (guess where) Cucina in little italy. Martinis run from $9-$17 (if I remember correctly).

    1. I've been to Eat My Martini on College a couple of times on a few girl's night outs and loved it.

      648 College St. (at Grace St.)

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        Friday at msbp: $5 martini happy hour. (i think. someone else can confirm?)


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            all I know is they are cheap.


      2. Ohhh,
        the Resevoir Lounge has a gin martini served with salted cucumber and an amazing grapefruit martini. Great lounge atmosphere and great live music! Check it out.

        1. Cache, in an alley between King and Wellington, used to have great martinis. Although I haven't been there in ages, most of the fun martinis were made with various Ceres juices. Best lychee martini I'd ever ordered.

          1. Are you looking for a place that serves real Martinis (i.e. gin, vermouth, olive)?

            Or a place that has a "martini list" of fruity cocktails that look like kool-aid or anti-freeze, and have cutesy names like "Apple-Cini-Tini" or "Razz-Melon-Tini", and ARE NOT MARTINIS!!!!!

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                LOL. Here, here. If you're looking for real martini's then Pravda (as I've said before) is good (Wellington west of Church).

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                  Pravda has the "non-martinis" also, in addition to the real ones. Unfortunately, I think their food isn't so good. But just for drinks and to hang out on a Thursday or Friday night after work, it's good.

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                    I have to admit that Pravda makes a killer classic vodka martini. Great vodka list as well. However, went there on a night that was dead, and got the WORST service. Don't know what the deal is but when a group of people is spending $15 per martini I expect someone to come to our table to take an order. It's a little on the pretentious side if you ask me.

                    And god knows we definitely need just one more pretentious place in this city...

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                    I found Pravda to be extremely disappointing. They have a relatively small selection and they are nothing special. Worse, they are very weak.

                  3. If you really want martini value, go to Two Cats (King and Portland) on Thursday when all drinks are $2 between 9-11..Just order a vodka and a vermouth and mix your own!!!

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                      Actually a "real" martini as described in the first Jame bond book was: "Three measures of Gordon's gin, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, and then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel."

                      Martinis as everything changes with the times.. also vodka and gin today is not as harsh as it was in the early days where to drink it straight you needed to mix it with something.. especially during prohibition when gin was most likely made in someones bathtub!

                      Just call it evelution and drink to it.. fruity or not...

                      PS Laide makes great martinis, traditional and fruity.. but the best is the "mid-life crisis" vodka, glenmorangie & a grapefruit twist

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                        I just think the faux-tinis are fun. How can you not want to drink everything out of a martini glass? The glass is part of any drink -- otherwise, how can you explain why people drink Hoegaarden?

                        Hey Lucy's on King has cheap martinis on Wednesdays, I believe. Their pitchers of sangria are also enjoyable.

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                          Hoegaarden is actually fun to drink in those big ass glasses. I have found a few decent places in T.O., but there is a place called Ming in Calgary and for $7 you get the most ridiculous sized beer glass I have ever seen in my life! As far as Martinis go, I really don't care if it's fruity, creamy, straight up vodka and gin and olive...the point is to enjoy a great beverage in a great atmospehere. I think it's finding the good atmosphere that is the tough part. I am still partial to Laide and Cucina as I mentioned, but I have not been to Pravda. Is it kinda snooty there? .

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                        Folks - we've moved what we could of some of the discussion about Martinis generally to the Spirits board and had to remove some of the rest of the off topic discussion.

                        Please continue that discussion there and keep the focus here on finding delicious Martinis of whatever type.