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Mar 29, 2007 03:53 PM

7 Numbers - on Danforth

Hi there,
A group of 10 of us are dining at 7 Numbers on Saturday - a 40th BD celebration.
Has anyone been there recently? Comments? Suggestions?
Thanks very much,

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  1. Very cool place...feels like your dining in 1980 at a cool restaurant.
    Every table ,chair, plate, glass, in mismatched (on purpose).
    Food is always excellent...Real Italian food made from the Italian mom in the kitchen.
    Highly recomend !!!

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    1. re: foodie500

      I would not say this is a cool place, nor 'real' italian food! That is a far stretch.
      I would say that the place is 'fun'.

      So...have fun!

    2. In terms of places to have a large-ish group and have menus where everyone can find something they like, this is a good choice. Servers are fun and casual - a relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes the staff have provided the most entertainment! I've been a couple of times and had so-so dishes and great dishes. I think some of the best ones where those that had to be cooked over a long time - like braised meats.

      1. When I went for a similar event they brought us large platters of all the appetizers/pastas so we all got to try everything. I liked that aspect. It is pretty tight in there but it should be fun.

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        1. re: julesrules

          That's awesome! Next time we plan a largish get together, I'll suggest 7 numbers and see if they'd do the same for us.

          In any case, every single time we've eaten there, we HAVE to order the scallops dish and the calamari. I love their rapini too. I've not had any luck with ordering fish (as in, no luck getting a good tasting fish dish), but the red meats have been very good.

        2. We're heading tonight for dinner so I checked out the web site and noticed they're moving back to Eglinton West - 516 Eglinton W. at Heddinggot to be exact, just a block or so west of the old spot. No date posted yet, but you can submit your email address for notification.