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Mar 29, 2007 03:47 PM

Virtual pantry raid

Well, I signed on to Chowhound for the first time in a while, and it informed me that I ought to post.

So... here I am.

Hello, you wonderful food people. I'm Misztel. I don't know as much as you do. And I need some recommendations...

In my pantry:
Jasmine rice
Black rice
Brown rice (not very good quality, sadly)
Revolution Bombay Chai
Twinings Herbal Revive, a ginger/lemon tea
Twinings Lapsang souchong
Green and black olives in olive oil
Clover honey
Steel cut oats
5 grain cereal - oats, rye, triticale, barley, golden flax
"Prepared shredded squid, HOT" - Ingredients are: Squid, sugar, MSG, red pepper, and sorbic acid
Home-canned beets
Canned black beans
Canned fava beans
Chunk light tuna in oil
Unbleached flour
Canned pineapple rings
Frozen edamame
Frozen broccoli spears
Frozen papaya pulp
Frozen durian
Creamy peanutbutter (peanuts, salt)
A good boule
Wensleydale w/ cranberries
One red potato
One large cucumber
Chicken eggs
18 quail eggs
Gala apples
French butter
Red bean buns, frozen (3)
Red bean rice balls (frozen)
Two chicken breasts
Three different types of konnyaku cake
olive oil
a few raspberries
whole milk
sour cream
alfalfa sprouts
button mushrooms
one can of coconut milk

Curry powder
Sea salt
Kosher salt
Black pepper
a garam masala mix

I have a rice cooker, which is incredibly helpful. It has a timer function; I set it up at night to have steel cut oats cooked for me in the morning. It's an excellent way to wake up.

I'm not buying any more food for two weeks, so I'm hoping for some recommendations on all of this crazy stuff. Well, I'm willing to pick up, say, some garlic or some more olives or a spice or two. But I've spent way too much this week on food, and really need to eat what I have. I'm only one person, and this is a lot of food. The only things I've thought of so far are cooking jasmine rice in Lapsang souchong and breaking a quail egg over a serving. The button mushrooms are getting a bit manky, so I'll probably sautee them in butter and olive oil soon. They're great on sandwiches that way. Other than that . . . no real idea what to do.


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  1. Woohoo! 3 ingredient game!

    Seriously, my wife and I like to challenge each other with three more or less random ingredients -- the other has to come up with something that sounds good. Let's see:

    Steel cut oats, honey and raspberries -- Oatmeal pudding dessert
    Sour cream, mayonnaise, beets, and potato salad (okay, it's 4 ingredients)
    Chicken breast, sauted apples and a slice of havarti
    Quail egg poached in black rice with a sprinkle of garam masala
    Olives, squid, cucumber and bread salad

    Sometimes having limitations is more fun.

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    1. re: zebcook

      Oo, I like this game! I also like these recommendations. Olives, squid, cucumber and bread salad sounds quite good, too . . . any recommendations on spicings for that?

      1. re: misztel

        Guessing that the squid is asian, I'd say salt, cumin and a little lemon zest if you have it. And a decent amount of olive oil.

        1. re: zebcook

          Thank you :) A lemon is not out of the realm of possibility, I'll pick one up today. While I did make the 'no more food!' oath, I am also not very good at keeping my oaths, and am going to have to grab an onion, some garlic, lemon and plain yoghurt ;)

    2. Wow that squid sounds intriguing...I'd taste it before deciding for sure, but it sounds Asian to me, and I'd bet that it would be really good with some pineapple or peanut butter. And any of the above rices, plus maybe some steamed edamame would make a nice meal.

      I've had beets with wild rice and I'd bet that you could use your home-canned beets with your black rice and it would be a good match - sweet and nutty.

      I've also made black rice and thrown in some coconut milk which was tasty.

      I like potato salad without mayo -- I'd bet that if you mashed up your potato with a bunch of olives it would be good.

      Maybe too obvious but you can use up your alfalfa sprouts on a havarti & chicken sandwich on the boule...

      I also recently saw a trick where they take frozen fruit and put it through a blender (very briefly) with a few TB of liquid and it turns into sorbet. I haven't gotten that one to work myself yet :) but you have some interesting frozen fruit, you might try that.

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      1. re: Adrienne

        I was thinking of making durian icecream--quick way to use up the milk and frozen durian.

        Yeah, the squid will definitely get tasted before use. I didn't notice that it said HOT, and the fact that it's non-refrigderated but doesn't seem to actually be /dried/ is kind of worrying to me. But it was cheap and intriguing, so I got it ;)

        Potato and olives . . . hmm. Quite possibly. Although potato, beets, black rice, cucumber and mushrooms for a soup sound quite good... hmm...

        Chicken sandwiches are quite likely--I also have some sliced smoked turkey that I didn't list because its intended destination /is/ sandwiches.

      2. I might use the beets, potato, cucumber, and sour cream to make soup. But you might want to get some garlic and dill for that.

        Maybe use the cornmeal to make polenta, and the mushrooms to do a mushroom "ragu" to go over it. But I'd get some onion or shallot or leek, maybe some parsley for that. You could use the cream for this as well.

        If you had any pasta, that would make it easier! You could do little pasta shells with tuna, olives, and fava beans. Again, onions/garlic would help here.

        Eat the red bean buns for breakfast. Yum.

        I'd probably use the broccoli for soup. My favorite way to eat broccoli, especially frozen broccoli.

        Maybe you can make chicken curry with the chicken, curry powder, and coconut milk. Put mushrooms in unless you use them for something else. Might be nice to get a vegetable to go with it. Serve with rice.

        I know you don't want to shop anymore, but three very helpful items that I always have on hand (aside from onions and garlic) are canned tomatoes, lemons/limes, and a couple of different shapes of pasta. You can do a lot with those. Dried mushrooms are a godsend, too!

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        1. re: Kagey

          I like the polenta and mushrooms idea. Also tuna, olives, fava beans and pasta . . . I may have to get some pasta. Hmm.

          I'm liking the frozen broccoli steamed with olive oil, salt and cranberry Wensleydale. It works well.

          The red bean buns are quite good . . . but I keep thinking they need a dipping sauce of some kind. Any ideas?

          Curry is definitely in the offing.

          Onions, garlic, limes and pasta are definitely good things to have on hand. I may have to break my oath and grab some--and yoghurt, too, for curry...