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Stephen Pyles - review

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Just a big,warm, gooey thank you to all the Chowhounders that recommended that I visit Stephen Pyles on my last trip to Dallas. What a great place.....The room is beautiful, cool but welcoming, hip but unpretentious. the staff are friendly but professional, I call it The "Four Seasons understated service" attitude.

The food, well....out of this world. Took 4 clients who each had a different mail. The cowboy steak with onion rings brought the table down. My Pork osso bucco with sweet potato polenta was fabulous and Im not usually a fan of polenta. To start we had a bunch of ceviche and I had to hav ethe crab tart with garlic custard. Simply fabulous. The bill was understandably large ($600) as we had a whole lot to eat and drink but it was worth every penny.

Thanks again, you did not let me down!!!!!

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  1. I didn't know Morrissey was in town (kidding) ;)

    Thanks for this. I have a big gift certificate to go there. I've only done odd appetizers at the bar. The gift giver knew I liked food and wanted to treat me to something nice. She asked around and this was suggested. I was just happy someone was thoughtful enough to give me the gift of food.

    1. I agree..it is expensive, but I have had dinner there twice, and VERY much enjoyed it...

      1. The 8 ceviche tasting (I believe $55) is one of the tastiest dishes on earth. It's worth every penny.

        The one disappointment I had was the pizza. Stay away.

        1. so I take it that you can get the ceviche even if you're not sitting at the tapas bar?

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            yes. The menu we were handed at lunch had a ceviche sampler (3 kinds, but I think they do 10 at dinner). All three were delicious.

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              Sure...all the ceviches are listed on the appetizer menu in the restaurant

            2. Do not miss the heaven and hell cake!!

              1. The ceviches are GREAT. There is a fig pizza that is very good too and we love the martinis. Dallas needs more restaurants like this!

                1. I visited SP last night for restaurant week meal and was disappointed. The amuse bouche was OK - a black bean and jicama mix that was tasty. The blue corn bread bite was very good, the sourdough roll was bland - essentially a warm carb but not great fresh bread. The salad was a mix - very nice mixed baby greens with a wonderful dressing, but the broiled peaches wrapped in proscuitto were a miss - the proscuitto completely overpowered the bland subpar peaches. Due to the raves, we tried the ceviches (not on RW menu) and I think they were OK except for the salmon which was very good, the rest did not really allow the seafood to star - SP could learn a lot by visiting Bayliss's Frontera Grill in Chicago and learn how to do these right. The second course was by far the best of the meal and was the only course that really shined - roasted salmon with a sweet potato hash and two sauces - a black bean and a corn which the waiter took much effort to explain was a foam not a sauce as he set the plates down -- it was a great sauce. The entree was beef tenderloin with asparagus and potatoes and a reduction - the beef was slightly overdone for my taste (more of a medium well than a medium rare) but was still nice and tender, however both the steak and reduction sauce were extremely salty. The dessert was a fig clafouti with a blueberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. If it had been a blueberry clafouti I would rate it as excellent - great texture, warmth, and wonderful fresh blueberries in the sauce, but it was a fig clafouti and the blueberry sauce completely overpowered the figs in the dessert despite the fact there were occasional large fig halves in the dough - they still tasted like blueberries after being in contact with the sauce. Also, we wanted coffee with our dessert, but our waiter had disappeared. We were finally able to request it when staff showed up to remove our wine glasses and then the waiter was sent back to our table - by then we were half done with dessert. Overall, I agree with the reviews in other threads and at dallasfood.org that say that SP is hit or miss - the hits are great, but the misses are not acceptable at this level of dining.

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                    You know, this is why I do not visit restaurants during "restaurant week"..I really feel that the restaurant's best dishes are never on that menu...some of what I consider to be Stephen's best dishes, you were not able to try...though I do like most of the ceviches...If you ever decide to dine there again, try the Cowboy Rib Eye, the Caesar Salad, the Heaven and Hell Cake...Seriously delicious...

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                      And don't miss the poblano asiago soup. I eat it even if the temperature is 105 outside!