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Mar 29, 2007 03:18 PM

Stephen Pyles - review

Just a big,warm, gooey thank you to all the Chowhounders that recommended that I visit Stephen Pyles on my last trip to Dallas. What a great place.....The room is beautiful, cool but welcoming, hip but unpretentious. the staff are friendly but professional, I call it The "Four Seasons understated service" attitude.

The food, well....out of this world. Took 4 clients who each had a different mail. The cowboy steak with onion rings brought the table down. My Pork osso bucco with sweet potato polenta was fabulous and Im not usually a fan of polenta. To start we had a bunch of ceviche and I had to hav ethe crab tart with garlic custard. Simply fabulous. The bill was understandably large ($600) as we had a whole lot to eat and drink but it was worth every penny.

Thanks again, you did not let me down!!!!!

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  1. I didn't know Morrissey was in town (kidding) ;)

    Thanks for this. I have a big gift certificate to go there. I've only done odd appetizers at the bar. The gift giver knew I liked food and wanted to treat me to something nice. She asked around and this was suggested. I was just happy someone was thoughtful enough to give me the gift of food.

    1. I is expensive, but I have had dinner there twice, and VERY much enjoyed it...

      1. The 8 ceviche tasting (I believe $55) is one of the tastiest dishes on earth. It's worth every penny.

        The one disappointment I had was the pizza. Stay away.

        1. so I take it that you can get the ceviche even if you're not sitting at the tapas bar?

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            yes. The menu we were handed at lunch had a ceviche sampler (3 kinds, but I think they do 10 at dinner). All three were delicious.

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              Sure...all the ceviches are listed on the appetizer menu in the restaurant

            2. Do not miss the heaven and hell cake!!