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Mar 29, 2007 03:17 PM

Is Cracked Pepper Bistro family friendly?

I'm new to this board and hope for some feedback about the family friendliness of Cracked Pepper Bistro in Fresno. We'd like to try it but we have an active 22 month-old toddler and when I checked out their website, it mentioned an "adult atmosphere" that I thought might be code for "don't bring a toddler." I should mention that we go out a lot and always take our son. Max's Bistro is a favorite for family friendliness and we also go to Upstairs Downtown with him quite often. He loves sushi, goat cheese, Thai food, everything we like. He's well behaved but he is certainly a toddler. Any perspective you can share would be very welcome.

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  1. Welcome to the board! I don't know about Cracked Pepper being particuarly non family friendly, but will let others who have been there chime in about what they think. It sounds like your toddler is pretty cosmopolitan, good job raising a little chow-pup!

    1. I haven't eaten there yet, but have peeked in to check it out. The restaurant is very small with tables quite close together. In the interest of respecting the other diners, I wouldn't bring in a toddler. It apprears to be an adult restaurant the "adult atmosphere" implies.

      1. Having eaten there, it is a relatively adult atmosphere. I doubt the management would treat you badly, but it is not a family restaurant by any means.