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Mar 29, 2007 03:02 PM

Reasonable Priced Lunch in by Chelsea Markets

Hello Hounds,

Do you know of any reasonably priced lunch spots by Chelsea Markets? Perhaps Italian. Four ladies will be dining.

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  1. crispo is my favorite local joint

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    1. re: Burnzes

      Crispo is not open for lunch, but Le Zie is.
      If you're open to other types of cuisine: Florent, Le Gamin, Swich, Rocking Horse, Bright Food Shop.

    2. If you're open in terms of cuisine, the Green Table is open for lunch w/in Chelsea Market...fresh organic new American, reasonably priced.

      1. You don't say which day you will be going to lunch, but the Enoteca at Del Posto opens at noon on Wed., Thurs., & Fri.

        1. Well, if you're looking for delicious and reasonably priced Mexican, I can suggest, Maryann's. Great value and they also have amazing margaritas! I've never had a bad meal there.

          168 8th Ave (Cross Street: Between 18th Street and 19th Street)
          New York, NY 10011
          (212) 633-0877

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          1. re: CNJFoodie

            maryanns is on the corner of southeast corner of 8th ave & 16th st

          2. Why don't you ladies treat yourselves and walk down to Pastis (right below 14th, not a long walk at all). While some of there stuff is expensive, other things are not and it's SUCH GOOD FOOD. I go for the onion soup and arugula salad all the time and it's not a lot of money. They have the best pasta puttanesca and they're not even Italian. It's such a pretty place, my favorite! Check out if you're want to know exact prices.