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Mar 29, 2007 03:00 PM

Incanto visit

My wife and I finally tried Incanto and I just want to give a big thumbs up. We started with the Antipasto platter of house cured meats. It was absolutely wonderful. A nice journey of flavors. My only complaint was that our waiter was feeling a bit cheeky and when my wife asked him to tell us what each selection was again, he proceeded to give us graphic detail about which line was the cartilledge of pig ear and so on. It was a bit over the top for her and ruined her appetite for the meats.

My wife ordered the handkerchief pasta with pork ragu. It had a very nice, rustic flavor. If you were in Tuscany and went into a restaurant after a day of hunting wild boar, this exact dish would be on the menu. My entree was the Venison special and it too was very rustic and authentic. The flavors all around were bold and I felt they all had a strong point of view about being connected to the earth.

Aside from the cheeky waiter, who was otherwise fine, we had an amazing meal. My only watch out would be to avoid ordering as much meat as we did. They have such a rustic and bold approach that my the end of our entrees we were a little burned out on the meats. That's our own fault. We'll mix up our selections a little better next time.

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  1. Thanks for the input. My friend and I are planning a visit in the upcoming weeks. Sounds like everything was great except for the graphic detail of the meat! EWE!!

    1. Great report! I don't know if the waiter was really being cheeky. All of the staff at Incanto is passionate and enthusiastic about meat. Chef Chris Costentino likes to challenge the American disconnect from meat, and squeamishness about offal. Personally, I enjoy hearing vivid descriptions about my meat, and consider it to be part of the fun of dining at Incanto.

      On a future visit, you may consider ordering one of their delicious shaved vegetable salads or seafood dishes to help balance out your meal.

      1. I've happily had all-meat and even all-pork dinners at Incanto, but you need a hearty appetite.

        Your wife is lucky you weren't there the night they brought us five lambs' heads. Nobody needed a waiter to tell them what those were.

        1. I recently went with a group of friends for a birthday dinner and also found the waiter there to be a bit cheeky - maybe we had the same waiter. He just seem a little snobby and impatient. But overall we had a great food experience. The duck confit was one of the best I have had in a long time. My friend ahd the handkerchief pasta but the pasta was not al dente enough. The ragu was nice though.

          1. I'm not sure what "cheeky waiter" means, but I've always thought that the service staff there is not having any fun. I love the food and the service is efficient, but it always seems like the servers are just going through the motions without much enthusiasm.

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              I concur.

              We've been to Incanto twice so far, and it seemed like everything was on auto-pilot.

              The food was excellent, though !