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Mar 29, 2007 03:00 PM


Hi all,
On a whim, I bought a set of 24 disposable aluminum foil star-shaped cupcake-liner-thingys. I am hoping to serve them at a "congratulations" party this weekend, and write on them "you're a star" (a letter on each cupcake) I don't want to just lay them all out in a single layer on a cookie sheet, though; I'd like to do something more creative. So my question is, can you all think of any neat way to present them? Should I just buy a tiered cake stand and stack them on the layers, or should I forgo the stand and try to connect them with toothpicks into layers of their own, or would that be too messy/annoying with frosting getting on the bottoms of the cupcakes? I've never tried to make a "cupcake cake" before so I don't know how to go about it.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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  1. There are cheap cupcake stands at Michael's Crafts and pretty much every restaurant/bakery supply place. Stacking them without a stand will result in icing mess.

    1. I tried it once with toothpicks and it was a royal pain in the A - -. Also, my friend whose birthday it was had these obnoxious, hopelessly trendy and disaffected friends who made fun of me for it.

      Cake tasted good though. Hell of a better present than a magnum of yellow tail.
      Sorry, I'm bitter.

      Try getting graduated cake stands from a party city or a michael's type place. You can also try stacking foam discs with spacers to make a display. If you also get fondant you can cover the foam with that and set the cupcakes on it.

      1. What if you made the serving platter part of the decoration? Perhaps cover it with some sort of dark foil, frost your stars and lay them out how you want them. Pipe some smaller stars out of the same icing, preferably something sparkly..along with the stars some trailing lines of icing to make it look like they're shooting stars? I know that at the local party supply store, they had foil stars and foil board. I don't mean the swirly tafetta. It was just shiny and like a deep deep blue/purple. That might look like the midnight sky. You could write your letters and arrange them across the board. Fine glitter over the stars on the icing...those won't be eaten. Just a suggestion.