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Mar 29, 2007 02:48 PM

Susanna Foo in Radnor

Home for passover from LA and going to the new Susanna Foo restaurant on Sunday. My parents have been only once, so I want to hear what people like to order there. Everything I've ever had at the original has been great, so let me know what's best here! thanks.

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  1. It's gotten some terrible reviews. I have had one meal there. The space was very nice and the meal was good, not great. Others have had worse experiences.

    1. We been there twice and the food is good, not great. It has a nice atmosphere.
      The food downtown is much better.

      1. I agree with the other posters - good, not great. I thought the dumplings were the best. In fact, I would be inclined to order all appetizers. Our entrees were good, but ordinary.
        Very high noise level. If you can get the back room, it would be more pleasant.

          1. I have eaten there a few times. The way I've found to get an enjoyable meal there without feeling like I dropped a fortune is to eat in the bar area. The dumplings are the standout. - For a casual "dinner" - my DH and I usually get 2 orders of dumplings, and then two apps or a soup / salad, plus 2 beers. We ate full out one night, and i felt like i spent too much for too little.

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              My husband brought me a doggie bag (from a biz dinner) with all the dumpling varieties. I was not impressed. Reminded me of a catered wedding platter.