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Susanna Foo in Radnor

Home for passover from LA and going to the new Susanna Foo restaurant on Sunday. My parents have been only once, so I want to hear what people like to order there. Everything I've ever had at the original has been great, so let me know what's best here! thanks.

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  1. It's gotten some terrible reviews. I have had one meal there. The space was very nice and the meal was good, not great. Others have had worse experiences.

    1. We been there twice and the food is good, not great. It has a nice atmosphere.
      The food downtown is much better.

      1. I agree with the other posters - good, not great. I thought the dumplings were the best. In fact, I would be inclined to order all appetizers. Our entrees were good, but ordinary.
        Very high noise level. If you can get the back room, it would be more pleasant.

          1. I have eaten there a few times. The way I've found to get an enjoyable meal there without feeling like I dropped a fortune is to eat in the bar area. The dumplings are the standout. - For a casual "dinner" - my DH and I usually get 2 orders of dumplings, and then two apps or a soup / salad, plus 2 beers. We ate full out one night, and i felt like i spent too much for too little.

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              My husband brought me a doggie bag (from a biz dinner) with all the dumpling varieties. I was not impressed. Reminded me of a catered wedding platter.

            2. So we went...and you were all right: it was less than mediocre. It was just a Sunday night and after picking me up at 30th street, my parents didn't really feel like going back in town, so we kept the res...but we shouldnt have. Started out with the ribs, which were actually good, the tofu chopped salad, which was ok to be expected, and my mother had hot and sour soup- she likes most things so ate it fine. The problems then came with the entrees. We shared everything: Tiger Prawn Shrimp ( like bad chinese delivery), eggplant (worse that the delivery, not at all flavorful or what I expected), kung pao chicken (no "pow" at all) and the signature duck, which was actually good, just nothing fantastic. Our waiter seemed like he'd be better off at a chinese chain like PF Changs, and didn't know much...my father asked had to ask for an additional wine list, and when I asked if he had brown rice, he said yes, but they didn't...they brought out white rice and the brown rice dish that was mixed with barley, which I can't eat as I am gluten intolerant. What didnt make sense was that they make that dish, but don't have normal brown rice? Needless to say, we skipped dessert, opting instead for the chocolate dipped fortune cookies, which were, not surprisingly, bland and like cardboard. Plus, they can't count- we got 5 or 6 cookies for the 3 of us. At least I had some good luck at the end of the meal- got 2 fortunes in one of those cookies!

              1. Folks,

                Have been here twice this fall/winter. Both meals were good, tonight the lemongrass mahi mahi was excellent. Scallops in October were very good. Each visit with a friend, they also liked their meal. I see a B+ rating, maybe an A- rating.

                1. Have been there once...on a Saturday. Food was okay...I would give it a B. Even though I had a reservation...had to wait nearly 30 minutes for a table. I found the noise out of control...could hardly carry on a conversation with my wife.

                  I may try lunch...but for dinner...I will go next door to Flemings.

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                    I agree about the noise factor. I was there for a weekday lunch and found it deafening in the cafeteria-style environment. This, with a very bland and unremarkable lunch that took a half hour to arrive, made me cross Foo/Radnor off my list permanantly.

                    I also agree with those who think the C.C. Foo's is better. She has some back-of-house problems in Radnor and needs better management of the kitchen. I'd much rather have my meal of higher quality and more promptly prepared than having my water replenished after every sip.

                    A mile up Lancaster is a far superior option. Margaret Kuo's cannot be beat for ambiance, service and the BEST Chinese fare on the Main Line.

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                      Re: Margaret Kuo's: my Chinese friends say that they prefer the Malvern/Frazer Margaret Kuo's. They think that the Wayne one has a more upscale ambience, but that the dishes are smaller and "spiced for Americans." As for Foo's in Radnor, I've been there, and I agree it's spotty: we've found it ranges from pretty good to excellent, but it all depends on the night you're there, and what you order. Agreed that the dumplings are very good, in any case!

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                        yah, i live in wayne and drive out to the mandarin in malvern. It is less expensive and has more dishes that we like (the menus are different)

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                          Being that it is a neighborhood restaurant, I was very eager to try it (and it's next door neighbor, Fleming's) when they very first opened.
                          The first 2 times we tried Susannah Foo's we were very disappointed and decided to forget about it.
                          Several months later, friends of ours asked us to join them for dinner and their restaurant of choice was Susannah Foo's. So, with trepidation, we went. And lo it was so good this time that we opted to try it again and came away with another good meal.
                          Mind you, I am not saying it was a great meal, but certainly worth going to for something close by. I guess its worst fault is that it seems to be inconsistent.
                          (As for Flemings? The best darned steak house around -- and this coming from a person who detests chains!)

                  2. My girlfriend and I had dinner there tonight and had a great dining experience.
                    We both thought the food was very good: We started off with the dumpling sampler and that was delicious. For an entree I had the classic crispy duck that came with a mashed/puree sweet potato and some vegetables (excellent). She had the honey glazed walnut chicken which was very good. We shared a vegetable side of Chinese eggplant, which I liked a lot and I am not an eggplant fan. I finished with a glazed roasted banana with a chocolate "thing", and banana ice cream (excellent) and she had some type of apple dessert with ice cream (excellent also).
                    The service was very attentive. Other than the server there was always at least one of the staff standing nearby really watching if anyone needed anything. When I needed an extra serving spoon I had one in less than 20 seconds (seriously).
                    This restaurant appears to have improved a lot since the poor posts it received here a few years ago.

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                      Fair is fair, so I have to agree with you, 3squares, that Susannah Foo in Radnor has finally worked out the kinks and is proving to be a very viable dining experience.
                      I will continue to dine there and recommend it as well.