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Mar 29, 2007 02:48 PM

Good quick eats near the SD airport

Any good suggestions for getting a lunch before take off or after landing at the San Diego airport?? Mexican, Seafood, or anything tasty and not too fussy would be great.


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  1. Just down the road in Point Loma you will find Pizza Nova, Miguels Mexican Cocina, Old Venice, The Brigantine, Point Loma Seafoods, all of which are good lunch places.

    1. Blue Water on India St. is close to the airport and is really great for seafood sandwiches and salads.

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        1. re: srk

          I third it! Great place.

          One thing that I would point out, great fish tacos and you can order any fish they have in the place on them. You pay an extra buck but highly worth it.

          I usually scope out which fish looks the best and then order two different tacos.

          Every time I have eaten there, I come away feeling like they have picked me out to treat special and give me more fish than they are supposed to!! Nudge nudge wink wink. I'm teasing but it's true.

      1. Before long flights, I'll always stop at the deli at Mona Lisa in Little Italy and grab a sandwich for the plane ... it's attached to the restaurant (on India and Hawthorne, I think?). The sammies are delish, filling, and it's quick and cheap. Also a good selection of sodas/beers in the coolers. Tasty and not fussy, check and check.

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          This is a great reccomendation - my favorite sandwich in SD

        2. I suggest Hudson Bay Seafood on the dock behind Point Loma sportfishing and also Red Sails Inn on Shelter Island Drive. At both places you can eat right on the water.

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            If you MUST go to Hudson Bay, get the fish tacos. Leaps and bounds above anything else on the menu ... and (most definitely) avoid the crab cakes. I think they are the frozen kind (10% crab, 90% cake).

            I also adore Con Pane, as the poster just below suggests. They're closed on Wednesdays, and are cash/check only, but great for a sandwich (and maybe a cookie or pastry for the flight - the chocolate brioche twists are amazing!!)

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              i just went to con pane for the first time last week and i loved the bread. the scones were pretty awful, but the raisin/walnut/hazelnut bread was amazing. my husband fell in love with the gruyere chive bread. the multigrain was also really nice.

          2. My favorite sandwich place is Con Pane Rustic Breads in Point Loma. Also close to the airport is The Waterfront. The Texas Burger with grilled onions is fantastic.