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Mar 29, 2007 01:46 PM

Soot Bulguirim 2 (review w/ PICS)

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One restaurant that has been on my "to-conquer" list has been Soot Bulguirim 2 in Koreatown. It's a Korean BBQ place that uses charcoal grills. It's also all-you-can-eat for $15 (not counting tax/tip).

We walked in on Tuesday (3/27) around 11:30am. There was no one in there. We quickly ordered from the menu at the wall. We got thin sliced beef, marinated boneless short ribs, boneless short ribs, and pork belly.

This is my 2nd ever Korean BBQ meal, so I don't have much authority but nevertheless feel comfortable evaluating the meal soley on tastiness.

The panchan tasted ok. Not spectacular in flavor. But it didn't taste bad. Just not that special.

The meat is a little harder to evaluate. I realized towards the end of the meal that the beauty of Korean BBQ is that you get to make the meat EXACTLY the way you want it. For me, that means well done, somewhat crispy. I also liked to marinate the meat on the grill with the sauce (don't know what it's called... it has a slice of jalapeno in it). When prepared the meat this way, it was VERY tasty and delicious, dare I say incredible.

The marinated boneless short ribs was a bit too fatty for me. Definetly too chewy for my tastes. Its flavor though was absolutely delicious. The rest of the meat did not have too much fat.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. I don't really know if the charcoals added anything. I like how it's a slow paced meal that doesn't lead to me eating too much too fast. And for the price, I think it's a great deal.



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  1. Great review and pics! Thank you for putting so much information into the review.

    Which places have you been to for Korean BBQ? If you've been to Soot Bull Jeep or Sa Rit Gol or the like, how did this place compare? The price is right, for sure...

    Certainly appears to be a good spread of panchan in the second picture. Again, if you've been to some of the other standards, how did it compare? 'Ordinary' compared to what?

    Thanks again for an out-of-the-ordinary review and helpful pictures.

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      My only prior Korean BBQ meal was at Yellow Cow Cafe on Redondo Beach Blvd in Gardena, so I can't really give you a comparison. Soot Bull Jeep is on my list though.

      1. re: young_chower

        for your 2nd time eating korean bbq, glad you got to eat at a good place. soot bull jeep is mentioned here a lot and i like the place a lot. if you can handle the smokiness at Gui Rim 2, you can handle Soot Bull Jeep. It's not all you can eat, but meat quality is good. Also, they don't use the square rice noodles (dok bo sam). instead, they use romaine lettuce which i think tastes great as a wrapper.

        1. re: young_chower

          i can't wait to go back here and get the tripe. Grilled trip korean bbq style is my new fave thing.

        2. re: ttriche

          I think Sa Rit Gol is a very good authentic Korean restaurant, that is if you're not going for the all you can eat. I hate to be so picky, considering $15 charged by most all you can eat Korean joints is so outrageously cheap for all the food you get. However, my picks would be 2 places- sorry, the names escape me because they have funky Korean names that I just can't seem to store in my brain- the one on the southeast corner of Berendo and 8th and the other one is on the southeast corner of Western and Connecticut. Their banchan(side dishes) are pretty good and the meat is better quality than most places. Also, these places both throw in a pot of tasty miso based stew/soup.

          I used to like Soot Bull Jeep, especially the tongu, but lately, I think their prices have gotten a little too exorbitant for what you get. C'mon, the whole fun of going to a Korean restaurant is to eat well at a divey cheap place, not to eat well at a divey expensive place.

        3. Okay, I like the price, the pics, and the details. This is on my list of places to try soon. :)