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Mar 29, 2007 01:34 PM

Leftover grilled chicken thighs...what's for dinner?

I had a package of chicken thighs I needed to cook last night, but my husband was really craving seafood....after I took the salmon/asparagus/corn we were having off the grill, I threw the chicken thighs on. So now, I have a pound of already grilled chicken thighs in my fridge...anyone got ideas on how I can serve them tonight?

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  1. this is nothing elaborate, but i always love a good chicken salad and thigh meat is great for it... just add some mayo (not much), slivered almonds and seedless purple grapes and serve on a bed of lettuce with olives, vinaigrette and some good bread.

    i may be suggesting this b/c it's what i'm eating for lunch right now. :)

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      Ive never made chicken salad with grilled chicken...or with chicken thighs, for that matter. Great suggestion!

    2. I'm replying to myself because I came up with a great idea! I went to the local asian market and got rice paper wrappers (dried), rice noodles (fresh), and with red leaf lettuce, cilantro, basil, slivered carrots and cucumber, mung bean sprouts, fish sauce and hot sauce, put a big bowl of warm water on the table and everyone made their own rolls! I heated my already grilled chicken thighs in the oven, and used some leftover grilled shrimp too - cut them into small pieces. It rocked!

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        how about putting some bar-b-que sauce on them and sticking them in the broiler
        for a couple of minutes. and a good potato salad would go good with it. with a large
        glass of iced tea and a fresh fruit dessert.

        1. re: bigjimbray

          Mm! Much faster than my endeavor, and can-do with plain thawed thighs (or breasts or drumsticks, for that matter!) - great weeknight suggestion!

        2. re: saticoy

          An Asian noodle bowl with similar ingredients is a also a good idea. Add a little rice wine vinegar to the fish sauce and Sriracha.

          1. re: uptown jimmy

            And so much less labor intensive...the rolls were so yummy, this is a perfect suggestion to recreate that without the fuss!

            1. re: saticoy

              Yeah, Thai/Vietnamese noodle salads are just about the best, tastiest, easiest food around. Any meat will do. Love it. The Vietnamese call it "bun", btw.

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            I love vietnamese spring rolls -- and I don't think it's too much work really, it's all mise en place and then you let everyone make their own. They're one of my go-to dishes for potlucks and parties.

          3. make a quasi-morrocan sauce with plain yogurt, cumin, ginger and harissa. thin it with a bit of water and serve over a couscous salad.

            make quesadillas.

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            1. re: hotoynoodle

              YEs, yes....thanks - looks like I'm going to have to start grilling chicken thighs and keeping them handy for all these great suggestions! I'm going to make that sauce tomorrow for something!

            2. Irrelevant now, but for the future, I usually shred or cube or slice leftover chicken and add to cacciatore, and let stew and moisten...

              1. chowhounders to the rescue once again!!! I've got a package of thighs in the fridge that i need to cook NOW...great ideas...thanks to all!