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Mar 29, 2007 01:20 PM

Good donuts in GTA?

Where does one find good donuts in the GTA?

Growing up there used to be lots. Not anymore sadly....

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  1. Don't know of any in the GTA but if you are heading up to cottage country and driving through Uxbridge there is an old fashioned bakery on the main street that makes amazing REAL chocolate covered doughnuts and jelly doughnuts. They are fabulous and bring back memories!

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    1. re: JesseJensen

      Hmm. Keep talking, haha. Sounds good. Thanks, will for sure keep this in mind when out there.

    2. The beignets at Cajun Corner (weekends) are worth eating.

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        Hm, never heard of Cajun Corner. I do love Cajun and a beignet. I'm there. Danke.

      2. Try the sugar donuts at L'Espresso by Murcurio on bloor and St George. They make them from scratch.

        1. Paczki at Granowska's on Roncesvalles are light and airy and delicious. Rosehip or cherry jam- or poppyseed and almond-filled. MMMMMMM!

          1. Fresh sugar donuts filled with plum jam, I think, at Milbree Viking on Laird south of Eglinton. Very good. And, I second the beignets at Cajun Corner.