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Mar 29, 2007 01:20 PM

L.A. Egg Salad

I was wondering where Angelenos eat their egg salad. True egg salad appreciators know the fine and subtle differences between what they do and don't like in what seems like a simple, but remains a somewhat complicated dish. I personally have had many of the egg salads in the Hollywood-to-the-beach corridor and there are some good ones and some terribly unimpressive ones. My personal type of egg salad strikes a balance of mayonnaise where it is not runny at all, but dry from yolk either. If it almost "fake"looking when scooped it is fine by me. Additionally the egg needs to be well chopped, but not finely chopped. Long strands of yolk are unacceptable. My winners thus far are The Brighton Grill (well chopped and consistent (also important)), Greenblatts (Good but always towing the too-much-mayo line), Broadway Deli (even chop, good mayo dispersal), Bud's Deli (though the chicken salad is better, I do like their take on the egg despite the fact that it could use one more round of chopping) ...I don't care for Clementine's too-homemade-y style, nor the dry crumble at Coral Tree Cafe. This only touches on the subject at hand, but I'm interested in hearing more...

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  1. The Egg Salad sandwich at Euro Pane in Pasadena is wonderful. Some of the best egg salad ever. For quick and easy, I do like Gelson's Tarragon Egg Salad.

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      I too love the egg salad at EuroPane, but I'm not sure that it's what the OP's looking for - the eggs being more soft-cooked and being in large chunks/wedges doesn't appeal to all everyone. But it is wonderful!

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        Forgot to add, I recall having had a good egg salad sandwich at Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock - but that was some time ago and I can't recall all of the details of the sandwich (dice of the egg, amount of mayonaise, any add-ins).

      2. re: Tom P

        Ditto on Gelson's Tarragon Egg Salad. Not too much mayo, not too much tarragon and great on crackers.

      3. Have you ever tried the egg salad at Al Gelato in Beverly Hills? I've never tried it, because I'm not a big egg salad fan, but it looks very good (and huge).

        Just a note, Al Gelato is cash only.

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            The egg salad at Neiman Marcus Fresh Market in BH is excellent

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              I personally like the Egg Salad on rye toast at the Apple Pan. That is what I always eat there..

            2. I love love the Egg Salad sandwich at Le Pain Quotidien, but I'm not sure if it's the OP's type of ES. Still, the capers and anchovies add something special in my view.