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Mar 29, 2007 12:59 PM

Help me name my family cookbook

Since you all were so creative with Becca's blog, now I need help! I should probably finish the cookbook before I name it, but the name is the most fun part! It will be dedicated to my great grandma and will feature her recipes along with my grandma's and her three sisters' recipes. Also, the rest of the family- mostly the women, with the addition of my husband, my dad, and my brother! (How did I get so lucky?!) Anyway, I had wanted to name it "The ______ Family Cookbook" with my grandparent's last name, but they had the unfortunate luck to have the last name Roach! Yep, "The Roach Family Cookbook" just doesn't sound too appetizing! :-) My grandma and her sisters all have red hair, so I thought about something along that line, but I don't know. I'm sorta stuck! Any clever ideas? My great grandma's name was Mildred so maybe something with that?

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  1. If you could make the cover look like a record album you could title it:
    (ready for this?)

    Hot Beets
    by Mildred and the Reds.

    And if you don't have any hot beet recipes you can call it
    Tasty Licks
    Saucy numbers
    Jazzy bites

    by Mildred and the Reds

      1. Here ya go:
        "Millie & Her Filly Poach ala Roach: Family Recipes Too Good to Exterminate..."

        1. You guys are making me laugh! People are going to think I'm crazy sittin' here in my cube! Melissavina- I have the perfect picture for a cover if we go that route- there's a picture of my grandma and her sisters (they were probably in their late teens, early 20's) in hot shorts and high heels sitting on top of four separate roadsters! It's a classic picture!

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          1. re: Katie Nell

            I can picture it now! I love it. Love it!!
            With that picture, it should be called:
            Saucy Numbers
            by Millie and the Reds.

            (I like Millie, Silence9!)

            1. re: Katie Nell

              "Millie's Memory Book: Great Family Recipes".

            2. How about
              Mildred's Heritage Recipes?