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Mar 29, 2007 12:49 PM

Night out for my sis's 22nd b-day! help

Hey everyone!,

I need a place to go out with my sister for her 22nd birthday this friday. I am a fool to be looking for a place now, especially since I dont know about the good places downtown. I wanna find a place that we can have dinner and great cocktails, and it has great atmosphere and a young but mature style (not over a 40's place) Any ideas?


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  1. Brant House or The Drake Hotel. If the patio is open, you may also want to try Ultra. I don't think Ultra is worth it if the patio's not open. Also, I like Amber in Yorkville.

    1. Habitat, on Queen West, is probably more what you're looking for. More of a hipper and less pretentious crowd than Brant House or Ultra.

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        Go for Maro...Great crowd for dinner...then dancing