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Mar 29, 2007 12:44 PM

North Oakland or South Berkeley

We are going (from San Jose) to Shotgun Players at Ashby Stage in Berkeley; any ideas for dining on the way would be appreciated. No preferences.

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  1. Plenty of choices along Telegraph in North Oakland. Pizzaiolo or Dona Tomas in Temescal, many Korean restaurants in that area, near 51st and Telegraph and points south. There are also some Ethiopian places, closer to the Berkeley border, on Telegraph in the 60's, like Cafe Colucci.

    1. Pizzaiolo would be my top choice. In fact, I often dine there before Shotgun. You might also consider Sea Salt on San Pable; I love the Eel Banh Mi.

      1. That's my neighborhood. Our most usual suspects relatively on they way from San Jose are (in no particular order) Pizzaiolo, Dopo, Ohgane, the Lanesplitter on Telegraph, and the Cesar on Piedmont.

        If you don't mind a bit of extra driving, other regular haunts include Sea Salt, Cafe Rouge, Oliveto, Holy Land, and T-Rex.

        The immediate neighborhood has very slim pickings:

        1. I would echo all of Robert's suggestions.