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Mar 29, 2007 12:36 PM

VIP Coffee and Cake Shop. WHAT HAPPENED?

so my friend said he walked in the other day and was confused because it is all remodeled and stuff and got scared because he figured there was a change in management or something. So he orders the baked porkchop rice, chicken noodle, and iced lemon tea...

HE SAID IT ALL SUCKED...well maybe not the lemon tea...

but VIP is one of my favorite places to get black peppered steak and was like the last place in the bay area to get a good one. does anybody have news on what happened and if anyone has had the BPS after the remodeling please let me know if it is still good or not. thanks


VIP coffee and cake shop
671 Broadway
(at Stockton St)
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 989-7118

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Long story short: new owner. Quality of kitchen: about the same. Bakery: definitely new baker(s). Service: more inattentive than before with the new waitresses.

      I had the baked pork chop rice today. Instead of a small oval baking dish, it was prepared on a large flat plate. Flavor-wise, I didn't differ much from before the change of ownership. Go and try it for yourself.

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        thanks for the reply. i'll definately go once i get back home for summer.

      2. Now there's a gelato stand in the window with about a dozen flavors, including milk tea and durian. The promotional posters mention "Original Gelato", don't know what brand that is or if it's housemade. The freezer case had a couple pints of Gelato Classico in it.

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          hmmm, did you end up trying it? thanks,

          1. re: EnderWiggin

            No, I had already eaten and I was in a hurry on another mission. I'd not eaten there before, so wouldn't be a good judge to tell you what's different. The place has been spruced up, we had noticed it was closed for a couple months and assumed a new owner was taking over. Didn't look nearly as busy with customers as it used to.

        2. When this place first opened, alot of the hong kongers I knew went and raved about the place..., maybe when they opened (was it in the 80's?), there were not as many Tea Dining Places (HK style American bastardized food)...then in the last 10 years, it seemed like a slowly downhill descend...kind of like HK Flower Lounge...

          1. Ok, on Monday I finally did try the gelato and had three other 'hounds with me. Here's the post,
            One of the flavors I sampled, the longan, had freezer burn but I liked the VIP milk tea and the lychee flavors very much, as well as the light, not oversugary style. Also quite a bargain at $2.50 for a big single scoop (but only one flavor allowed).

            Hard to believe that we're the first to report. Anyone else tried the ice cream here?

            Here's a bad photo of the gelato case, taken through the glass of the front window and the display case. We noticed the Chinese language labeling. There are English labels near the top of the case, but they didn't seem to correspond to the arrangement of flavors below.

            VIP Coffee & Cake Shop
            Broadway St, San Francisco, CA, USA