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Mar 29, 2007 12:32 PM

good lunch between hartford and storrs

I'm driving from Bradley Airport to Storrs tomorrow to check out U Conn. Any non-chain lunch suggestions?

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  1. If you're willing to take a small detour, the Willimantic Brewing Company (aka the Main Street Cafe) in Willimantic is nice for a casual lunch.

    967 Main Street

    1. 2 suggestions I'd give for places right along the route you are taking:
      Rein's Deli is off exit 65 on rt. 84 or
      Willington Pizza on rt. 32. It's less than a mile off rt. 195 which you'll be taking to get from 84 to the campus.

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      1. re: tsj513

        I second the siggestion for Rein's Deli. About as close to a real New York style deli as you will ever find. Great sandwichs,matzo ball soup, mac & cheese and other deli favorites.

      2. Shady Glen in Manchester. Get a cheeseburger. Seriously. Just make sure your cardiologist is on standby.

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        1. re: doctorgeoff

          Do not, I repeat, do NOT go to Rein's. Way overrated, IMHO. Definitely make the detour to Shady Glen for the cheeseburger. I grew up in Manchester and this is the one thing I miss and absolutely can't get anywhere else. If you're wondering what all the fuss is, look at the pictures HERE

          I recommend going to the E. Middle Tpk store (near the Bolton border - Rt 44, I think). Then you can take Rt 44 all the way to Storrs...a much nice drive than I-84 anyway! In Storrs, make sure and get homemade ice cream at the UCONN dairy bar!

          1. re: Science Chick

            Agreeing with everything Science Chick said.

            Yumfood: If you decide you are in the mood for ice cream it's definitely worth it to wait and go to the UConn Dairy Bar. The ice cream is excellent.

            UC Dairy Bar Website:

            1. re: Bad Sneakers

              Shady Glen...ask for an extra side of fried cheese...take 91 south to 84 east to 6 east through town...ask for directions everyone knows about it

              Cole Slaw is good if not too old..and if you pull out of the lot and take a quick right onto Garth Road ...go up about 300 yrds to the big stone mansion with pillers on the left and a basketball's our famous womens basketball coaches house...

        2. thanks for all of the suggestions.