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Mar 29, 2007 12:07 PM

NYC, Sex and the City-style

friends and i are going to NYC for a few days. while we are students on a limited budget, we'd like to splurge on a nice place for drinks and appetizers. Someplace funky yet upscale. Gourmet apps, great wines and/or cocktails. My only point of reference is Cypress in Charleston, SC, where great ambiance, great service, 3 fabulous glasses of wine, and 3 amazing apps cost us $86. but well worth it for the good time and great food. any suggestions?


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  1. One fun place, with excellent mojitos, is Asia de Cuba. There was actually a SATC episode filmed there. Tao (also shown in SATC) is fun although I think the food is overrated. For something quiter, you could try Artisanal. They have over 200 types of cheese. You can get a great cheese plate and some interesting wines. I find the entrees to be so-so, but the cheese plate is lots of fun. It is more of a bistro than a trendy place, but I always hit it when I am in the area.

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        I third the recommendation for Artisinal. GREAT place!! Totally underrated. More people should eat there!

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          And I fourth Artisanal but you have to stick to the cheese and fondue because that's what they do well, if not better than anybody else. The other items on the menu are like the non-hit songs on an album: they're just there to take up space.

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            Ditto that...although they do make some damn good French Onion Soup and mac & cheese. The fondue is great...you can pick the sides to dip with...this may sound heinous, but try the frites! What's better than homemade french fries dipped in cheesy fondue??

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              oh, wow, upscale cheese fries! That doesn't sound heinous at all, it sounds delicious! I've got to try that next time I go there.

              Not really sure if it fits with the OP's idea of what the SATC gals would do though.

      2. Fun!!

        On my personal list for NYC, Sex and the City style:
        Brunch: Norma's, Balthazar, Stanton Social
        Snack: (people are going to roll their eyes) a cupcake from The Magnolia Bakery
        Lunch: Nicole's (across the street from Barney's)
        Mid-afternoon cocktail: (again, people will roll their eyes) The Central Park Boathouse
        Dinner: Spice Market, Kittichai, 5 Ninth, Buddakhan, Morimoto, Babbo...
        Go out/post-dinner drinks: Plunge @ Hotel Gansevoort, Cabana @ Maritime Hotel, Rue B, Kittichai/Bar @ 60 Thompson Hotel, Soho Grand hotel bar...

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            Great view, very expensive cocktails ($18, if I remember correctly).

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              I don't remember the cocktails being $18. Perhaps you're thinking of Plunge at the Gansevoort?

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                Not familiar with Plunge, but my memory of the prices at 230 5th could be off.

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            I second a cupcake at Magnolia bakery...fun to people watch while you're in line...and those cupcakes are sooo delicious.

            Spice Market and Asia de Cuba are great recs for scene-y restaurants. Babbo will be impossible to get into.

            And Maritime is a great suggestion for drinks. I would also add Bbar (Bowery Bar) for late night drinks. Have fun!

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                Definitely Magnolia for a cupcake. Its more of a novelty thing, but the cupcakes are definitely good! Asia de Cuba is good, not GREAT, but it will probably be fun for what you are looking for. Its very LA and trendy. Babbo is fabulous, but i do agree with the above that it will be impossible to get into. You need to make a res a month in advance

            1. Stanton Social is perfect as is Highline.

              1. If you're interested in top-notch cocktails, Pegu Club is the place to go.

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                  I second Pegu Club. Definitely "funky yet upscale", and top-notch is an understatement.

                2. You should probably note that most of those SATC type places are considered somewhat of a joke by actual New Yorkers. Many of them have mediocre to bad food and a suburban atmosphere/crowd.

                  You'll sell yourself short if you limit yourself to these kinds of establishments.

                  Also, adding SATC to your subject line or post will limit the number of responses from many of the knowledgeable regulars on this board. It can be a turnoff for some.

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                    I, a new yorker, disagree! I think iit is fun to go to SATC places and some of the best restaurants were on the show. It may be a bit dated, but they did have 11 Madison on the show amung others.

                    one place that was on the show and might be fun (and resonible) is Sushi Samba. Good drinks, fun scene and good, interesting, food. The 7th ave one has a roof top bar.

                    I also think Bread Bar at Tabla would be fun.

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                      Ditto Maxine! Going to SATC type places, for me, is fun b/c I love dressing up and checking out these new digs with awesome atmospheres. Actually, these places make me feel more "New York" sometimes than the anti-SATC places do!