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Mar 29, 2007 11:58 AM

North County San Diego - Oceanside Finds

I just wanted to give a quick mention of 3 places I've been having a good time at recently, some of which are already known to the boards:

1. Fiesta Mexicana in the Stater Brother's center at El Camino Real and Mission. In a city of lots of Mexican food restaurants, we really really like this one. In particular, we happened to stop in on a Sunday night and order something off the specials board on a whim.

It was called Parillada Oaxacuena (I probably butchered the spelling, if you stumble through enough of it, the waitstaff know what you mean). Anyhow, so it comes out on this big clay chimney stand, with a hot coal in the "bowl" of the stand. The actual food is on a lettuce lined metal grate on top of the stand. It's a sort of mixed grill of asada, chicken, carnitas, green peppers and onions, all with melted cheese on it. Amazing seasonings, and the smoke from juices hitting the coal is just about the best smell in the world.

It comes with a plate of rice and beans, salsa fresca and some really good guacamole, and all the flour or corn tortillas you could want.

Even though it's a special and not on the menu, we found out you can order it at any time. It's just under 30 bucks and enough to feed 3 hungry people.

Great stuff.

2. Killer Pizza From Mars - love the name, love the geeky collectibles in the restaurant, love the pizza!

3. Cappozoli's Pizzeria and Restaurant -
My brother tried this place when it first opened and has slowly brought the rest of the family in to try it. It's a great place, family owned - we met Joe, the owner the first time we were in. He's a very personable older gentleman, told us all about his family, about opening the restaurant, about the painting on the wall, etc.

On the food front - hand tossed, fairly thin crust pizza is pretty darned good. They have a lunch special that I've grabbed a few times - 2 slices of pizza and a soda for $5 or so?

For dinner, we were really impressed with their antipasto plate - it came with way more than we anticipated, and some treats you don't normally see with this (fried eggplant that was the surprise hit of the table, for instance). I'm not much of a pasta person, so I haven't tried their pasta entrees yet. We did like their cheesecake for dessert - they don't bake it in house, but if you call in advance they can order you a whole cheesecake with their order!

Happy chowing.


P.S. Still looking for great sushi in the area - your recommendations wanted! Ohzone Sushi next to Killer Pizza is great for a quick lunch special, and has ok rolls (but pricy)... but not quite what we're looking for!

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  1. Do give Kurando a try on Mission at El Camino Real in shopping center on southeast corner. Also would recommend The Fish House on Hill St.

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    1. re: kitchenhag

      We went in and were not excited by the menu at Kurando. What in particular would you recommend there?

      We'll definitely look into The Fish House!


      1. re: Kuisine

        Kathy you can't go wrong with the chef special(s) of the day at Kurando fresh,fresh

    2. I've heard good and bad things about Capozzolis...mainly about their pizza. I, for one, am pretty partial to Knockout Pizza off O'side Blvd and College. Thin...cheesy...laid back atmosphere.... They too have the $5.00 two slice special (or the slice + salad if you prefer).....

      1. Machaca burritos at Jose's Taco Shop at the Home Depot center near Tri-City Hosp are the best.

        I thought Knockout Pizza was ok, but my friend Frank from NY thought it was the grossest pizza.

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        1. re: septocaine_queen

          YIKES! Oh well - so much for their "authentic NY pizza" !

          1. re: nmatthews02

            He didn't like the quality of the toppings. Also he thought they were chinzy with the toppings. I think he actually went back to get his money back. I felt bad because I suggested it to him.

            1. re: septocaine_queen

              I can see how that could be a legitimate complaint, now that you mention it. I always get plain cheese. No more - no less. Pepp looks pretty damn chintzy to me.

              1. re: nmatthews02

                As a former new yorker I can tell you Knockout Pizza is an "average" New York pizza place. Not all of them are great, some are just okay, this is one of them (By the way, I'm dismissing ANY New York pizza place with the name RAY'S in it. Go to NYC make sure you avoid those). But, the pizza place in san Diego that is a "good" New York pizza place is in Hillcrest and called Bronx Pizza. If you do go to New York check out John of Bleaker Street downtown or Sal's Pizza uptown (B'Way and 101 st.).

                1. re: sdunbier

                  Another New Yorker here. I haven't tried Bronx Pizza, but Luigi's is pretty good.
                  Back to the Oceanside topic though, Thai Garden on Oceanside Blvd. is very good.

                  1. re: sdunbier

                    I hate to be Captain obvious but..... Knockouts/Bronx are about as different as a hx tour and a pro v1x. Just out of curiosity, where does Mr. New Yorker go instead of Knockouts? Cuz there ain't nuttin betta in North COunty.

                    1. re: SeanT

                      I agree, Knockout is the best that I've tried in North County--When I said it was an average New York pizza place that was high praise. Really. But Bronx, to me, is better.

                      1. re: sdunbier

                        Howdy again.
                        Found it! Best pizza in North County: Bongiorno's in Solana Beach- west of the I-5 on Lomas Santa Fe, then left on Stevens. Address is 524 and it's on the left a few blocks down.

          2. I couldn't agree with you more about Capozzoli's. I couldn't believe how outstanding the food was! The place isn't much to look at from the outside, but the inside is darling, the staff is friendly, and the food is quite possibly the best Italian food I've ever had. I've eaten their pizza (awesome), linguine pesto (fabulous), bruschetta (perfect), and their salmon special (delicious). They also have a killer tiramisu. This place is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above Vigilucci's, by the way. Too bad it's in such a strange location.