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Mar 29, 2007 11:57 AM

ISO child friendly dinner tonight - westside

I've got an event in Playa tonight. Friend and 18 mos old are coming from El Segundo. Can anyone recommend a place to have dinner? Any food type is fine but not really interested in Jerry's Deli/CPK/Cheesecake Factory vibe.


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  1. Very child friendly environment at Nichols (in the same shopping center as Jerry's in MDR).

    1. Alejo's in MDR, if you don't mind smelling of garlic for a few days....

      1. Cantalini's...I have a 16 month old I have taken there for dinner.

        1. I second, Alejo's but in Westchester on Lincoln - it's bigger that the MdR location, and it's close to where you are starting from.

          In all the years I've lived in the Westside, I've never been to Nichols, but it's been there ever since the La Villa Marina Shopping Center opened back in 1974, and it's still going strong. If Tony Michaels, says it works, I'm guessing it's a GO. He hasn't failed me yet on his recs...

          1. Thanks all. The whole thing got cancelled but I'll keep these in mind for next time.