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Mar 29, 2007 11:55 AM

Beechwood in Venice - Bar menu

I am going there with a few people this Friday night and we are eating at the bar - anything in particular that stands out to order? I heard read so far the fries, burger and meatballs are good - do you concur or have any other suggestions?


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  1. I like the pulled pork sandwich, though my wife finds it a little sweet. She has good things to say about the pressed chicken and brie sandwich.

    Bear in mind that in the bar/lounge you can also order off the restaurant menu, which changes monthly (and is available online,

    1. I love the skirt steak. But everyone I know thinks Beechwood has the best burger in town. Get the fries. Cupcakes too.

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        the cupcakes were kind of dry and sucked when i was there recently, love everything else though!

      2. The Duck & Chorizo Cassoulet was fun and delish, the Lamb Meatballs were bland to me, thats my 2 cents.... the cocktails were aplenty!

        1. I really like the fish tacos.

          1. I think their burger's pretty darn good. And the sweet potato french fries! Yummy! But then it's hard to go wrong w/ sweet potato fries, in my opinion. I would not recommend the fried anchovy or whatever those little fishy things were. same for the meatballs. Most of their sandwiches are pretty good. I say, don't worry about the lipstick and just go for the juicy burger w/ the fries.